Year in Cinema 2018



  1. All the Money in the World. 3/5
  2. Father Figures. 3/5
  3. Insidious: The Last key. 3/5
  4. The Florida Project. 2/5
  5. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. (IMAX) 4/5
  6. The Post.  4/5
  7. Paddington 2. 5/5
  8. Commuter. 2.5/5
  9. Proud Mary. 2/5
  10. Den of Thieves. 3/5
  11. Forever my girl. 3/5
  12. Coco.  5/5
  13. 12 Strong. 3/5
  14. Death Cure. (Maze Runner) 3/5
  15. Winchester. 1.5/5
  16. Fifty Shades Freed. 3/5
  17. Peter Rabbit. 4/5
  18. The 15:17 to Paris. 1/5
  19. Black Panther. 4/5
  20. Early Man. 2/5
  21. Black Panther (2) IMAX 4/5
  22. Game Night. 4/5
  23. Every Day. 3/5
  24. Annihilation. 3/5
  25. Death Wish. 2.5/5 (2018)
  26. Red Sparrow. 4/5
  27. Strangers: Prey by Night. 2.5/5
  28. Thoroughbreds. 3/5
  29. A Wrinkle in Time. 2.5/5
  30. Love, Simon. 5/5
  31. Tomb Raider. (2018) 3/5
  32. Gringo. 1.5/5
  33. Black Panther. (3) 4/5
  34. Unsane. 2.5/5
  35. Flower. 5/5
  36. Pacific Rim Uprising. 2.5/5
  37. Midnight Sun. 3/5
  38. Isle of Dogs. 5/5
  39. Ready Player One. 2.5/5
  40. Boiled Angels: The Trial of Mike Diana. (With Diana and Frank Henenlotter in attendance) 5/5
  41. Call me by your name. 5/5
  42. The Last Movie Star. 3.5/5
  43. Blockers. 3.5/5
  44. A Quiet Place. 4/5
  45. Miracle Season. 3/5
  46. Love, Simon. 5/5
  47. Alucarda. 2.5/5 (with Satanic Mass + Discussion from the Satanic Temple)
  48. Rampage. 3/5
  49. Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare. 2/5
  50. You were never really here. 4/5
  51. Super Troopers. 4/5
  52. Super Troopers 2. 4/5
  53. Chappaquddick. 3/5
  54. I feel pretty. 2/5
  55. Super Troopers 2. (2) 4/5
  56. Avengers: Infinity War. 4/5
  57. Ghost Stories. 3/5
  58. Avengers: Infinity War. (3D) (2) 4/5
  59. The Endless. 3.5/5
  60. Bad Samaritan. 2.5/5
  61. Life of the Party. 3/5
  62. Disobedience. 3/5
  63. Overboard. (2018) 2.5/5
  64. Death House. 1/5
  65. Deadpool. (RPX) 3.5/5
  66. Deadpool 2. (RPX) 3.5/5
  67. Beast. (2018) 3/5
  68. Book Club. 2.5/5
  69. RBG. 4/5
  70. Solo. 3/5
  71. Film Worker. 5/5
  72. Deadpool 2. (2) 3.5/5
  73. Solo. (2) (RPX) 3/5
  74. Upgraded. 2.5/5
  75. How to talk to girls at parties. 4.5/5
  76. First Reformed. 5/5
  77. Action Point. 2/5
  78. Adrift. 2.5/5
  79. Hereditary. 5/5
  80. Oceans Eight. (RPX) 4/5
  81. The Blob. (1988) (35mm) 3/5
  82. Night of the Demons. (1988) (35mm) (Q&A with writer/producer) 3/5
  83. Slime City. (1988) (16mm) (Q&A with director) 2/5
  84. Maniac Cop. (1988) (35mm) (Q&A with director) 3/5
  85. The Gospel according to Andre’. 4/5
  86. Hotel Artemis. 4/5
  87. Won’t you be my neighbor? 5/5
  88. Oceans Eight. (2) 4/5
  89. The Incredibles 2. (IMAX) 3.5/5
  90. Hearts Beat Loud. 4/5
  91. The Incredibles 2. (2) 3.5/5
  92. Tag. 4/5
  93. Jurassic World: Fallen Kindom.  (RPX) 3/5
  94. The Misandrists. 3/5
  95. Hotel Artemis. (2) 4/5
  96. Sicario: Day of the Soldado. 3/5
  97. Damsel. 1/5
  98. Westwood. 3.5/5
  99. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. (2) 3/5
  100. Ant-man and the Wasp. (IMAX) 4/5
  101. The first Purge. 2/5
  102. 3 Identical Strangers. 5/5
  103. Skyscraper. 2/5
  104. Unfriended: Dark Web. 2/5
  105. Mamma Mia: Here we go again. 3/5
  106. The Equalizer II. 2/5
  107. Don’t worry, he won’t get far on foot. 4/5
  108. Mission Impossible: Fallout. (IMAX) 4/5
  109. The Row. 1/5
  110. Ant-Man and the Wasp. (2) 4/5
  111. Eight Grade. 2/5
  112. Leave no Trace. 5/5
  113. The Spy who dumped me. 4/5
  114. the Meg. 3.5/5
  115. the Spy Who Dumped Me. (2) 4/5
  116. Andy Warhol’s Flesh for Frankenstein. 35mm. 3D. 3/5
  117. Andy Warhol’s Blood for Dracula. 35mm. 3/5
  118. McQueen. 5/5
  119. Never Goin’ Back. 4/5
  120. Mission Impossible: Fallout. 4/5
  121. BlackkkKlansman. 3/5
  122. Crazy Rich Asians. 4/5
  123. Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood. 5/5
  124. Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood. (2) 5/5
  125. Mile 22. 2/5
  126. Pandas. (IMAX 3D) 3/5
  127. Disney’s Christopher Robin. 3/5
  128. The Miseducation of Cameron Post. 4/5
  129. The Happy Time Murders. 2.5/5
  130. 2001. (IMAX) 5/5
  131. Searching. 2/5
  132. The Little Stranger. 2/5
  133. Blood Fest. 3/5
  134. Juliette, Naked. 4/5
  135. The Nun. 2/5
  136. Peppermint. 3/5
  137. Thriller. (1983) (IMAX 3D) 3/5
  138. The Predator.
  139. The House with a Clock in it’s Walls. (IMAX) 3/5
  140. The Princess and the Frog. 5/5
  141. Assassination Nation. 2/5
  142. A  simple favor. 4/5
  143. Monsters and Men. 2/5
  144. Hell Fest. 2/5
  145. Tangled. 5/5
  146. Night School. 2.5/5
  147. Hal. (2018) 5/5
  148. A Star is Born. (2018) 4.5/5
  149. Venom. (IMAX) 3/5
  150. White Boy Rick. 3/5
  151. the Old Man and the Gun. 5/5
  152. Bad Times at the El Royale. 3/5
  153. First Man. (IMAX) 4/5
  154. Halloween. (2018) 3/5
  155. Maniac. (1980) 4/5
  156. New York Ripper. 3/5 (with director Bill Lustig in attendance)
  157. Goosebumps 2. Haunted Halloween. 2.5/5
  158. the Oath. 4/5
  159. The Last Shark. (aka Great White) 35mm. 2/5
  160. Fade to Black. (1980) 35mm. 3/5
  161. The war of the gargantua. (1966) 35mm. 1/5
  162. Rosemary’s Baby. (1966) 35mm. 5/5
  163. Werewolves on Wheels. (1971) 35mm. 4/5
  164. The Company of Wolves. (1984) 35mm. 2/5
  165. The Ghost. (1963) 2/5
  166. Monstrosity. (1987) 3/5
  167. Spookies. (1987) 35mm. 3/5
  168. Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. 35mm. 2/5
  169. EvilSpeak. (1981) 35mm. 3/5
  170. Carrie. (1976) 35mm. 5/5
  171. Popcorn. (1991) 35mm. 3/5
  172. The Sisters Brothers. 2.5/5
  173. Surpiria. (2018) 5/5
  174. Suspiria. (2018) (2) 5/5
  175. Bohemian Rhapsody. (IMAX) 3/5
  176. Nutcracker and the Four Realms. (Dolby) 2/5
  177. Boy Erased. 4/5
  178. The Girl in the Spider’s Web. (Dolby) 3/5
  179. Hunter Killer. 2/5
  180. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. (Dolby) 3/5
  181. Overlord. 4/5
  182. Robin Hood. (2018) 2.5/5
  183. Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet. 4/5
  184. A Private War. 4/5
  185. Widows. 4/5
  186. Instant Family. 3.5/5
  187. Creed II. (Dolby) 3/5
  188. The Possession of Hannah Grace. 3/5
  189. Green Book. 4/5
  190. Anna and the Apocalypse. 3/5
  191. The Favorite. 4/5
  192. The Frontrunner. 4/5
  193. Elf. 4/5
  194. Mortal Engines. 2.5/5
  195. Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse. (Dolby) 5/5
  196. At Eternity’s Gate. 3/5
  197. Mary Poppins Returns. (Dolby) 4/5
  198. Mary, Queen of Scots. 4/5
  199. Aquaman. 3D. 3/5
  200. Bumblebee. 3D. 3/5
  201. Holmes and Watson. 1/5


5* Films.

  1. Paddington 2.
  2. Suspiria.
  3. Call me by your name.The rest:
  4. Love, Simon.
  5. Flower.
  6. Isle of Dogs.
  7. Boiled Angels: The Trial of Mike Diana.
  8. Film Worker.
  9. First Reformed.
  10. Hereditary.
  11. Won’t you be be my neighbor.
  12. 3 Identical Strangers.
  13. Leave no trace.
  14. McQueen.

Another year where documentaries hold most of the spots in my top rated movies list. I was totally in love with Paddington 2 and it’s held up over repeated viewings; Hugh Grant is a charmer. It was good to finally see the Mike Diana documentary; I was a resident of Central Florida when all that nonsense was going on, and was an Indiegogo supporter of the film. First Reformed came out of nowhere and blew me away, and seeing a GLBTQ romantic comedy (Love, Simon) that didn’t look like a terrible LOGO production was great. Here’s hoping for a 2019 filled with amazing cinema!


  1. The Vault. (Netflix)
  2. Planetarium. (Netflix)
  3. What we do is secret. (Amazon Prime)
  4. Jeremiah Tower: The last magnificent. (Netflix)
  5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (HBOGo)
  6. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (HBOGo)
  7. Pottersville. (Netflix)
  8. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. (HBOGo)
  9. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (HBOGo)
  10. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (HBOGo)
  11. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. (HBOGo)
  12. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. (HBOGo)
  13. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. (HBOGo)
  14. Femmes de Sade. (Download)
  15. The Shawshank Redemption. (Netflix)
  16. Back to the Future. (HBOGo)
  17. 30 days of night. (Netflix)
  18. Frida. (Vudu)
  19. Back to the Future 3. (HBOGo)
  20. Her wicked ways. (
  21. Pussycat Ranch. (
  22. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. (Netflix)
  23. Polka King. (Netflix)
  24. Unleashed. (Netflix)
  25. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasses. (Showtime)
  26. Hamburger the Motion Picture. (Youtube)
  27. Fright Night II. (Amazon Prime)
  28. Murder Weapon. (Amazon Prime)
  29. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.  (Netflix)
  30. Mother’s Day. (Showtime)
  31. Masterminds.
  32. A futile and stupid gesture. (Netflix)
  33. Lord of Illusions. (Vudu)
  34. Happy Death Day. (Vudu)
  35. Wedding Crashers. (Netflix)
  36. For a good time, call. (Netflix)
  37. The Game. (Showtime Anytime)
  38. Wind River. (Vudu)
  39. Battle of the Sexes. (Vudu)
  40. The Hobbit. (Vudu)
  41. 42 Grams. (Netflix)
  42. I love you, man. (Netflix)
  43. Love, Actually, (Netflix)
  44. About a Boy. (HBOGo)
  45. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended. (Vudu)
  46. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended. (Vudu)
  47. National Lampoon’s Animal House. (Vudu)
  48. Mary! Mary! (Blu Ray)
  49. The Ritual. (Netflix)
  50. As the palace burns. (Amazon Prime)
  51. Last Flag Flying. (Vudu)
  52. JFK: Director’s Cut. (Vudu)
  53. Wonder Woman. (HBOGo)
  54. When we first met. (Netflix)
  55. Keeping up with the Joneses. (HBOGo)
  56. Sell Hard. (Amazon Prime)
  57. Predator. (HBOGo)
  58. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. (Vudu)
  59. John Wick 2. (HBOGo)
  60. Irreplaceable You. (Netflix)
  61. Everything Sucks Season 1. (Netflix)
  62. Tenebrae. (Shudder)
  63. Hairspray. (FilmStruck)
  64. How I live now. (Hulu Plus)
  65. The Cloverfield Paradox. (Netflix)
  66. Super Troopers. (Blu-ray)
  67. Beerfest. (DVD)
  68. Club Dread. (HBOGo)
  69. Jeepers Creepers 3. (Netflix)
  70. Philly gets Inked. (VHS)
  71. Erotic Tattooing and Body Piercing V. (VHS)
  72. Frisco Skin and Tattoo Ink. (VHS)
  73. Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets. (Amazon Prime)
  74. 300. (Netflix)
  75. I’m gonna git you, sucka. (Amazon Prime)
  76. My Bloody Valentine. (2010) (Hulu Plus)
  77. Jawbreaker. (Shudder)
  78. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (Netflix)
  79. Goodfellas. (Netflix)
  80. Lady Bird. (Blu-ray)
  81. Out of Print. (Amazon Prime)
  82. Die Hard. (HBOGo)
  83. Die Hard 2. (HBOGo)
  84. The Shawshank Redemption. (Netflix)
  85. Beerfest. (Netflix)
  86. The Outsider. (Netflix)
  87. Ghostbusters. (Netflix)
  88. Best in Show. (Filmstruck)
  89. A Mighty Wind. (Filmstruck)
  90. Jumanji. (Blu-ray)
  91. Sleeping with other people. (Netflix)
  92. Blade Runner 2049. (Vudu)
  93. Game Over. 2018. (Netflix)
  94. Babyface 2. (Blu-Ray)
  95. Ninja Busters. (Blu-Ray)
  96. Undercover Brother. (HBOGo)
  97. Stir of Echoes. (HBOGo)
  98. Coco. (Blu-ray)
  99. Girls Trip. (HBOGo)
  100. Throat. (Blu-Ray, Overground Cinema)
  101. The Rainbow Thief. (Overground Cinema, Serviio)
  102. Friday the 13th. (Hulu Plus, Overground Cinema)
  103. Boogie Nights. (Netflix)
  104. The Little Hours. (Amazon Prime)
  105. Singles. (Filmstruck)
  106. Insidious: The Last Key. (Vudu)
  107. Patterson. (Vudu)
  108. Inside Man. (Netflix)
  109. Ram Dass, Going Home. (Netflix)
  110. Outlaw Biker Tattoo Revue NTA 1991. (VHS)
  111. Too Naughty to say No. (Blu Ray, Overground Cinema)
  112. Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls. (Blu Ray, Overground Cinema)
  113. Dracula Sucks. (DVD, Overground Cinema)
  114. Lost Boys. (Netflix)
  115. Aladdin. (Vudu)
  116. The man from UNCLE. (Vudu)
  117. Gangs of New York. (Netflix)
  118. Doctor Strange. (Netflix, Overground Cinema)
  119. Superbad. (Amazon Prime)
  120. I am evidence. (HBOGo)
  121. I kill giants. (Vudu)
  122. Kodachrome. (Netflix)
  123. Kill Bill. (Netflix)
  124. Kill Bill 2. (Netflix)
  125. Jackie Brown. (Netflix)
  126. The 100 Foot Journey. (Showtime Anytime)
  127. Dude. (Netflix)
  128. Tragedy Girls. (Hulu)
  129. Nightmare on Elm Street 3. (Hulu)
  130. Nightmare on Elm Street 5. (Hulu)
  131. Back to School. (Hulu)
  132. The Matrix. (Hulu)
  133. Shrek. (Netflix)
  134. Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. (Netflix)
  135. TRON: Legacy. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  136. The Belko Experiment. (Blu-Ray, Overground Cinema)
  137. Taboo. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  138. Deep Blue Sea 2. (Vudu)
  139. The Golden Child. (Showtime Anytime)
  140. I, Tonya. (Vudu)
  141. Sleeping with other people. (Netflix)
  142. Demolition Man.
  143. Predator 2. (HBOGo Overground Cinema)
  144. The Disaster Artist. (Vudu)
  145. Zootopia. (Vudu)
  146. Chef. (Amazon Prime)
  147. How to be a Latin Lover. (Amazon Prime)
  148. John Dies at the End. (Shudder)
  149. Fahrenheit 451. (2018) (HBOGo)
  150. IT. (2017) Vudu.
  151. Justice League. (Vudu)
  152. Coming through the window. (Pornhub)
  153. The Green Mile. (Hulu)
  154. Song of the South. (Blu-ray Overground Cinema)
  155. Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker. (Blu-ray Overground Cinema)
  156. Dawn of the Dead. (remake) (Vudu)
  157. The 40 year old virgin. (Netflix)
  158. Full Metal Jacket. (Netflix)
  159. Please Stand By. (Hulu)
  160. Malificent. (Vudu)
  161. How to talk to girls at parties. (Vudu)
  162. Pets. (Blu-ray. Overground Cinema)
  163. Thor: Ragnarok. (Vudu)
  164. Cabin in the Woods. (Vudu)
  165. The last movie star. (Amazon)
  166. Before I fall. (Amazon)
  167. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. (Netflix)
  168. Overboard. (Vudu)
  169. Jane Mansfield 66/67. (Vudu)
  170. Silence of the Lambs. (HBOGo)
  171. Hannibal. (HBOGo)
  172. Red Dragon. (Netflix)
  173. Robocop.
  174. The Departed. (Netflix)
  175. The Conjuring. (Vudu)
  176. The Golden Child. (Showtime Anytime)
  177. Hamburger the Motion Picture. (Youtube)
  178. Taxi Driver. (Filmstruck)
  179. IT. (2017) HBOGo.
  180. Jurassic Park. (Netflix)
  181. Jurassic Park: The Lost World. (Netflix)
  182. Jurassic Park III. (Netflix)
  183. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. (Netflix)
  184. Return of the Living Dead. (Vudu)
  185. Snakes on a Plane. (Vudu)
  186. Revenge of the Nerds. (Computer)
  187. Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise. (Computer)
  188. The Princess Bride. (HBOGo)
  189. As the Gods Will. (Vudu)
  190. Love, Simon. (Vudu)
  191. The Slammin’ Salmon. (Vudu)
  192. Mom and Dad. (Hulu)
  193. Letters to Juliette. (Amazon Prime)
  194. Real Genius. (Netflix)
  195. Eyes Wide Shut. (Netflix)
  196. The Last Action Hero. (Vudu)
  197. Prince of Darkness. (Vudu)
  198. Friday the 13th. (remake) (HBOGo)
  199. You’ve got Mail. (HBOGo)
  200. Liquid Assets. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  201. House of De Sade. (DVD, Overground Cinema)
  202. Super Troopers 2. (Vudu)
  203. Ready Player One. (Vudu)
  204. Father of the Year. (Netflix)
  205. Heartbreak Ridge. (HBOGo)
  206. Practical Magic. (HBOGo)
  207. Game Night. (Vudu)
  208. Hallloween II. (Rob Zombie) (Showtime Anytime)
  209. Real Genius. (Netflix)
  210. Vampire Hookers. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  211. Teenage Seductress. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  212. Pulce Moment. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  213. Scorpio Rising. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  214. Rabbit’s Moon. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  215. Kustom Kar Kommandos. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  216. Fireworks. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  217. Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  218. Avengers: Infinity War. (Vudu)
  219. The Nurse with the Purple Hair. (DVD, Overground Cinema)
  220. In the Mouth of Madness. (Shudder)
  221. Pretty Woman. (Hulu Plus)
  222. The Rock. (Hulu Plus)
  223. The Ultimate Watchmen. (Amazon Prime)
  224. Baby Rosemary. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  225. Wild at Heart. (DVD, Overground Cinema)
  226. Three Billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri. (HBOGo)
  227. Spring Break. (Amazon Prime)
  228. Isle of Dogs. (Vudu)
  229. Life of the Party. (Vudu)
  230. My Chauffeur. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  231. Throat. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  232. Freaked. (Youtube)
  233. Clive Barker’s Saint Sinner. (Youtube)
  234. Hamburger the movie. (Youtube)
  235. The Package. (Netflix)
  236. Home Again. (Showtime Anytime)
  237. Disenchantment. Season One. (Netflix)
  238. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. (Netflix)
  239. Super Troopers 2. (Vudu)
  240. Moana. (Netflix)
  241. Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang. (HBOGo)
  242. The Nice Guys. (Vudu)
  243. A woman’s torment. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  244. The Intrusion. (DVD, Overground Cinema.)
  245. Eurotrip. (HBOGo)
  246. Pretty in Pink. (Hulu)
  247. Sixteen Candles. (Hulu)
  248. Thor: Ragnarok. (Vudu)
  249. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Edition. (Vudu)
  250. Sierra Burgess is a Loser. (Netflix)
  251. The Breakfast Club. (Netflix)
  252. Barbara Broadcast. (DVD)
  253. The Opening of Misty Beethoven. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  254. Naked came a Stranger. (DVD, Overground Cinema)
  255. Mandy. (Vudu, Overground Cinema)
  256. The Great Outdoors. (Amazon Prime)
  257. The Voice Thief. (Filmstruck)
  258. Scott Pilgrim vs The World. (Netflix, Overground Cinema)
  259. Maraschino Cherry. (DVD, Overground Cinema)
  260. A Boy and his Dog. (Amazon Prime)
  261. Empire Records. (Netflix)
  262. Blade II. (Netflix)
  263. Hot Tub Time Machine. (Hulu)
  264. Maverick. (HBOGo)
  265. Lifeforce. (Amazon)
  266. Backdraft. (Showtime Anytime)
  267. Into the Dark: The Body. (Hulu)
  268. Anaconda. (Hulu)
  269. Hold the Dark. (Netflix)
  270. Beautiful Creatures. (Netflix)
  271. King Kong. (Peter Jackson) (Netflix)
  272. Pierce with a Pro Part II. (VHS)
  273. the Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann. (DVD, Overground Cinema)
  274. Miracle Season. (Hulu)
  275. Scream for Help. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  276. Memories within Miss Maggie. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  277. Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. (Netflix)
  278. Van Helsing. (Netflix)
  279. Apostle. (Netflix)
  280. Ant-man and the Wasp. (Vudu)
  281. Man on Fire. (HBOGo)
  282. Devil’s Advocate. (Netflix)
  283. Miracle. (Netflix)
  284. The Stuff. (Shudder, Overground Cinema)
  285. Hocus Pocus. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  286. Hell Ride. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  287. Beetlejuice. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  288. Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (Netflix)
  289. Weird Science. (Amazon Prime)
  290. Anchorman. (HBOGo)
  291. Fraternity Vacation. (Youtube)
  292. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. (Hulu)
  293. Priscilla Queen of the Desert. (Hulu)
  294. Reign of Fire. (HBOGo)
  295. Billionaire Boys Club (2018) (Showtime Anytime)
  296. Burnt. (Netflix)
  297. The 100 Foot Journey. (Showtime Anytime)
  298. Saved. (Amazon Prime)
  299. From Dusk till Dawn. (Netflix)
  300. Good Kids. (Netflix)
  301. The Conjuring 2. (Vudu)
  302. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. (Vudu)
  303. The Ballad of Cable Hogue. (Filmstruck)
  304. National Treasure. (Netflix, Overground Cinema)
  305. Cam. (Netflix)
  306. The Fugitive. (HBOGo)
  307. US Marshalls. (HBOGo)
  308. The Christmas Chronicles. (Netflix)
  309. Crazy Rich Asians. (Vudu)
  310. Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut. (Shudder)
  311. DePalma. (Netflix)
  312. Rapture-polooza. (Hulu)
  313. The Hobbit. (Vudu)
  314. Hateful Eight. (Netflix)
  315. Terminator: Salvation. (Netflix)
  316. Bad Moms Christmas. (Showtime Anytime)
  317. There’s Something about Mary. (HBOGo)
  318. Christmas Inheritance. (Netflix)
  319. Waterpower. (Desktop)
  320. Mowgli. (Netflix)
  321. 976-Evil. (Vudu)
  322. Peppermint. (Vudu)
  323. Ready Player One. (HBOGo)
  324. The Golden Compass. (Netflix)
  325. Love, Actually. (Netflix)
  326. Green Room. (Netflix)
  327. Dealt. (Hulu)
  328. Tombstone. (Hulu)
  329. Groundhog’s Day. (Hulu)
  330. Copycat. (Netflix)
  331. Blockers. (HBOGo)
  332. I’m not a serial killer. (Hulu)
  333. Blockers. (HBOGo)
  334. The spy who dumped me. (Vudu)
  335. Solo. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  336. Red Sparrow. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  337. Wakefield Poole’s BIBLE. (DVD, Overground Cinema)
  338. Trading Places. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  339. Hardcore. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  340. Avengers: Infinity War. (Netflix)
  341. Silver Linings Playbook. (Netflix)
  342. Home Alone. (Amazon Prime)
  343. Plain Clothes. (Amazon Prime)
  344. The Abyss. (DVD, Overground Cinema)
  345. Fight Club. (Blu-ray, Overground Cinema)
  346. A Nightmare on Elm Street. (remake, Blu-Ray, Overground Cinema)

I was really bad about logging home video viewings this year; there are probably a few dozen that I didn’t remember to add to the list. 2018 saw the demise of two great streaming services- and Filmstruck, but 2019 promises the Criterion Channel and a new Disney service, fingers crossed for good stuff.



  1. Abarat. (Clive Barker)
  2. Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War. (Clive Barker)
  3. Abarat: Absolute Midnight. (Clive Barker)
  4. But what if we’re wrong? (Chuck Klosterman)
  5. Fire and Fury. (Michael Wolff)
  6. Virtual Light. (William Gibson)
  7. Idoru. (William Gibson)
  8. All tomorrow’s parties. (William Gibson)
  9. Lovecraft Country. (Matt Ruff)
  10. The Butchering Art. (Leslie Fitzharris)
  11. Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex. (Mary Roach)
  12. Futurist Violence and Fancy Suits. (David Wong)
  13. Strange Weather. (Joe Hill)
  14. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai. (Earl Mac Rauch)
  15. Geek Love. (Katherine Dunn)
  16. Six Feet Over. (Mary Roach)
  17. Porn King: The Autobiography of John C. Holmes. (John Holmes)
  18. The Fall of the House of Cabal. (Johnathan Howard)
  19. But enough about me. (Burt Reynolds)
  20. Fear. (Bob Woodward)
  21. Imajica. (Clive Barker)

I read far less books this year than normal; I try for one a week but this year got off course with comic book trades. Next year I’m going for 52 + comics.



Friday 12.19.2014

"The Dance of Reality"

The year isn’t quite over, but I’m starting to work on my “Best films of 2014” list.

The following are first run movies that I saw theatrically this year; I’m trying to find a list of the Exhumed Films I saw this year and of course Netflix, Hulu+, HBOGo, downloads, screenings at the Overground and movies watched on DVD aren’t included.

It was a really good year for movies, with new films by some of my favorite directors; Jodorowsky, Darren Aronofsky, Wes Anderson, David Fincher and Ridley Scott all had releases this year and for the first time in years it looks like my #1 pick may end up not being a documentary- though as I sort everything out, Life Itself is in pretty high standing, so who knows.  Two more weeks of films then I’ll try to get my completed list out; films in bold are in the running.

1.Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
2. Ride Along
3. The Devil’s Due
4. That Awkward Moment
5. The Lego Movie
6. Vampire Academy
7. The Monuments Men
8. Robocop
9. Non-Stop
10. Anchorman 2
11. 300: Rise of an Empire
12. Sherman and Peabody
13. Jodorowsky’s Dune
14. Grand Budapest Hotel
15. Bad Words
16. Nymphomaniac
17. Nymphomaniac 2
18. Divergent
19. Noah
20. Sabotage
21. Under the Skin
22. Captain America the Winter Soldier
23. Oculus
24. Only Lovers Left Alive
25. The Quiet Ones
26. The Other Woman
27. Spiderman 2
28. Neighbors
29. Godzilla
30. X-men: Days of Future Past
31. The Dance of Reality
32. Maleficent
33. We are the best
34. The Fault in our Stars
35. Edge of Tomorrow
36. 22 Jumpstreet
37. How to train your dragon 2
38. Venus in Furs
39. Transformers: Age of Extinction
40. Snowpiercer
41. Deliver us From Evil
42. Life Itself
43, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
44. Boyhood
45. The Purge: Anarchy
46. Planes: Fire and Rescue
47. Sex Tape
48. Mood Indigo
49. Letters to Momo
50. Hercules
51. Lucy
52. Guardians of the Galaxy
53. Calvary
54. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
55. The 100 Foot Journey
56. What if?
57. Let’s Be Cops
58. The Expendables 3
59.  The Giver
60. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
61. Frank
62. As Above, So Below
63. Starred up
64. The November Man
65. God Help the Girl
65. No Good Deed
66. The Maze Runner
67. A Walk Among the Tombstones
68. Hector and the Search for Happiness
69. Pride
70. Tusk
71. The Box Trolls
72. The Equalizer
73. Gone Girl
74. Annabelle
75. Left Behind
76. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
77. Dracula Untold
78. St. Vincent
79. The Judge
80. Fury
81. Book of Life
82. Birdman
83. Oiuja
84. John Wick
85. Nightcrawler
86. Interstellar
87. Big Hero 6
88. Jessabelle
89. The Theory of Everything
90. Dumb and Dumber To
91. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
92. Penguins of Madagascar
93. Horrible Bosses 2
94. Pyramid
95. The Babadook
96. Top Five
97. The Hobbit: Battle of the five Armies
98. Exodus: Gods and Kings
99. Wild
100. Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb
101. Wetlands (September)
102. Into the Woods
103. Big Eyes
104. Nymphomaniac Director’s Cut 1 & 2
105. Annie (2014)
106. The Gambler
107. The Imitation Game

Sunday 04.14.13

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 12.24.32 PM

I should be asleep.
I’m dog tired and sore from a few days of really heavy (but ultimately satisfying) working out and still kind of janky from the bike fall the other night but despite it all I’m still awake, sipping mint tea, tuggin’ at Bailey’s ears and trying to juggle a handful of mental lists that need updated while pretending that not getting to sleep isn’t that big of a deal.

I’m getting up early tomorrow to go see Jurassic Park 3d with Erin and Natalie at the Riverview. Natalie came by the bar the other day to visit; it was the first time we’ve seen each other since we ended our romantic relationship back in February and more importantly the first time I’ve ever socialized with an ‘ex’ post breakup. That’s very strange for me. I’ve always (and I mean 100% of the time) totally cut people out of my life when the relationship ends so this is all very new to me. But nice. Reconciling that she can be my ex-girlfriend while still being my friend came easier than I thought. When I opened the door for her and hugged her it was just… comfortable. Like seeing an old friend. Which she is, so I guess it’s appropriate. I found myself really glad she was there; really interested to catch up with her life (and she has so many awesome changes coming up that I’m glad I’ll be around to be part of) and to fill her in on what’s been going on in mine.

Her laugh still lights up a room.

So yeah. Big steps for me and I’m really glad that this can work out. I was really sad when things ended with Natalie because I didn’t want her not to be in my life. This is great.

Carmela and I have been busting our butts on the Stay Calm memorial. It’s morphed into something so much bigger than we ever expected. Part memorial, part party, part fundraiser and all fun if we do it right. The sponsors have been unbelievably generous to us; if you head over to Stay Calm and check out the raffles section you’ll see just how generous. We intend to be equally generous to Shannon and Rachel’s daughter Ari by donating 100% of net profits to her bank account. We’re working hard with sponsors to make sure that the gross and the net are as close as possible. I think it’s going to be a really fitting event to honor Shannon and I’m humbled by all of the help and support we’ve received.

So. Hanging out with an ex girlfriend. Organizing an event that benefits someone who needs support.

Who the hell am I again?

With everything that’s going on I’m really looking forward to APP and SDCC. Just get the hell out of dodge for a bit and decompress. I know once Bethany gets here on the 26th all of the stress will wash away. I’m so excited about her being here that sometimes I forget that the memorial is happening too. I always mean to write more about her; to talk about how we met and how she was this beacon of love for me when things were terrible. About how much she means to me. I always mean to do that, then I realize that I’m not even capable of articulating how I feel about her; what she means to me. She’s.. Bethany.

Beyond excited.

Anyway. Thoughts are getting jumbled. Bailey seems annoyed that I’m typing and not petting him, so until next time…

Photo: Stay Calm print by Johnny Thief.

Friday 11.30.12

IMG_9827It’s not even December and I’m already starting to collate a list of my favorite films of 2012.
With only a month left in the year, and with Decembers releases looking promising it may change a little, but since I’m sitting around the house watching one of my top five from 2011 (Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and bored…  here’s the list so far.

  1. Beauty is Embarrassing. 
  2. Argo.
  3. Safety Not Guaranteed.
  4. Looper.
  5. Moonrise Kingdom.

Tarantino has a new film coming out on Christmas day, and as much potential as it has.. Jamie Foxx. I’d use the words “infamously loathe” when it comes to him. When I see him on screen I get angry. So regardless of how good the screenplay is, how good the other actors are, the total package- I just don’t see myself being able to get over my distaste for him. The Hobbit will be FUN, for sure, but top five? I can’t see it.

Beauty is Embarrassing:
Start to finish a compelling documentary. It does it’s job- to tell you who Wayne White is and why you should care. But it also inspires; the power of a positive mental attitude (Wayne and his family are amazing) and the power of art and why we need it in our lives. It’s rare that a film comes along in the last part of the year and makes it into the top spot on my list, but.. this one did. I’m looking forward to the DVD; Wayne mentioned during the SKYPE chat the other night that it has ‘tons of extras’.

Affleck. Seriously. How this guy became such a good director is beyond me, but damn do his movies stand on their own two feet. ‘From the Academy Award winning star of Reindeer Games‘ is not something you’d ever imagine saying about the director of my #2 film of the year, but with Argo he nails it. Great cast, great style and despite knowing how the true story ended you’re still white knuckling your seat in the last ten minutes. This can be added to The Town and Gone Baby, Gone as great films by the star of Phantoms.

Safety Not Guaranteed:
Aubrey Plaza skews everything she’s in for me. I would have enjoyed TED (which may be the worst film I saw in 2012) had she been in it. So it’s hard to say if I loved the movie on it’s own merits (I did) or if it’s just because Miss Plaza was in it. It’s such an odd little film and the payoff at the end is great. Good acting all around and you never get the sense that it’s odd for odds sakes.

Intelligent Sci-Fi used to be the rule, not the exception.
Alien, Blade Runner, Buckaroo Banzai, Brazil… you had really talented director shooting really talented actors with really kickass screenplays. Then things just went squirrelly. People started making scifi films for general audiences and not nerds and there was a natural dumbing down of the scripts. They started getting bigger stars who felt the need to change things that worked in favor of things that made them look more ‘action starry’. Rian Johnson came along and brought back the IQ back to the genre. Joseph Gordon Levitt became Bruce Willis- not the prosthetics; he got his personality down and just really owned being a prick. Lot of open interpretations with this screenplay- it’s one of those movies you can discuss afterwards and still not know 100% what to make of certain things.

Moonrise Kingdom:
I saw this film when I was having a really hard time post breakup and it sort of become ‘that’ film that really resonated with me- a ‘time and a place’ movie that summed up a lot of what I was feeling about love and life. Kid actor movies can go either way, and the two protagonists in Moonrise are just perfect. It might be the only film in 2012 I saw three times theatrically- and I’ve watched it at the Overground Cinema to raise the total to four.

Honorable Mention: Para Norman.
Paranorman was in my top five before seeing Beauty is Embarrassing, so I figured it gets an honorable mention at the end, above the ‘best of the rest’. The quality of animation was top notch, the characters each had their own quirks and charm and the ‘reveal’ at the end really takes it to the next level. As a ‘monster kid’ myself, Norman really brought back memories of being totally obsessed with monsters and horror films when I was young- not that much has changed really- and the anti bullying message of the film was relevant without beating you over the head. I’m going to double feature this with Coraline at the Overground soon.

Best of the Rest:

Jiro Dreams of Sushi
21 Jumpstreet
The cabin in the woods
The Sound of my voice
Best exotic Marigold Hotel
The Avengers
Beyond the black rainbow
The Master
The Perks of being a Wallflower

Kind of a weird assortment of films- different genres, some indie and some blockbuster. It was a fairly good year for movies all things considered, and I’m sure that I’m missing some, but if you haven’t had a chance to see any of the top five- check them out. Let me know what you think.

Also- Use the COMMENT section to tell me your top films of the year!

Photo: DC Sticker- Apparently Jesus is in hell, but is still saving us. Thanks, Champ!