Monday 10.15.12

I collect collections.
Seriously. I don’t usually don’t just casually like something; I become obsessed with things- wanting to know everything about them, wanting to collect and archive them. Comic books, toys, books, info and… Swatches. When I was a kid I loved Swatches. The cool kids at school all wore them and I- hard though that is to believe- was not really one of the cool kids. I was a poor kid. We lived on a farm. We lived paycheck to paycheck and while my parents always worked really hard to make sure we didn’t want for things, expensive things like Swatches weren’t really something they could budget for. I totally understood, but that made my coveting no less unbearable.

As an adult I realized that I worked for a living and as such could afford my own Swatches, and every now and then I’d treat myself to one. It was never the obsessive collecting like toys or comics, but when I wore a watch it was always a Swatch. Recently I’ve been picking new (vintage) ones up when I find one that strikes my fancy. Today ended up being a really great Halloween themed mail day- Not only did a receive the Pushead GID Skull Pirate with Jack O’ Lantern, but I got a vintage 1998 Swatch Halloween watch + Jack O’ Lantern kit. It’s been living in it’s original packaging since 1998, never worn. Obviously the first thing I did was get a new battery, swap it out and strap it around my wrist. There’s no point in owning it if you’re not going to wear it. And it’s a good one- has a little blue backlight that you can illuminate the Pumpkin with. And it’s got that amazingly grating tick tick tick that I expect out of a Swatch.

New Pushead toys, new Swatch, my New Balance shoes finally got delivered today (no thanks to UPS and their TERRIBLE excuse for customer promise, that’s for sure) so it’s been a good counterbalance to how miserable it is outside. Gray and spitting rain; it had potential to be one of those meh days. Getting goodies in the mail, seeing a new spooky movie (Sinister) evens it all out.

Sinister was good. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. It had the tropes that I expected, but the characterization was good, Ethan Hawke was good. Like I said. Good. Better than most of the theatrical horror I’ve seen lately.

Speaking of spooky…

31 Days of Horror Films 2012:

  1. House of 1000 Corpses.
  2. The Devil’s Rejects.
  3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
  4. Phantasm.
  5. Slither.
  6. The Innkeepers.
  7. The Strangers.
  8. Nightmare before Christmas/Coraline/Frankenweenie. (2012)
  9. Hellraiser/Nightbreed/Lord of Illusions.
  10. A Nightmare on Elm Street/A Nightmare on Elm Street 2.
  11. Cabin in the Woods.
  12. Halloween 4/5
  13. No Movie- travel day.
  14. Trick R Treat
  15. Sinister (2012)

Photo: Pushead GID Skull Pirate & Swatch Halloween watch.