Saturday 08.02.2014


I never steal time to write anymore. I mean to, obviously. If you look at my POSTS section here on WordPress it’s a veritable graveyard of half started posts, all waiting for me to polish them up a little bit and tell you, my Internet friends, about how weird it was to do a Sensory Deprivation Tank float session on Easter Sunday (it was weird. You’re naked in a humid, black, silent tank that is half filled with water treated with 800lbs of Epsom Salt) or about the funny thing Bailey did (He’s developed a passion for renting movies at Redbox and running his own social networking empire) or all of the other adventures I’ve been on since the last time I wrote.

But then another adventure calls and you roll away from the laptop and plan to get back to it later.

The most exciting thing to happen since we last spoke is my engagement to the lovely Julia. I’ve planned to propose since our second date, but it’s taken over a year to finally find the right time/place- Disney. More specifically The Haunted Mansion, and even more specifically at Bluebeard’s tomb. If you know who Bluebeard was…

I guess the other big milestone is my birthday. As of today, I’m 14,610 days old. Forty. It’s surreal. I know that it’s a social construct to feel weird on your 40th birthday. I accept that and am allowing myself to feel weird about it. It seems so grownup.  I know I’ll get over it and with perspective I’ll realize that it’s just a number and blah blah blah… but for now I’m going to celebrate it being scary.

I have a few more big adventures planned for 2014. Hopefully I’ll get around to sharing them…