Thursday 02.13.2014


It’s a familiar sight.
Looking out the window and seeing snow. Always snow. Always ice. Always cold. More winter to come apparently and the city Government of Philadelphia- while not being remotely capable of actually plowing or salting our streets has set up a ‘rat line’ where citizens can dime out their neighbors for not shoveling snow on our sidewalks. Our Mayor has a small penis. That has nothing to do with his inability to handle the winter weather, it’s just a random fact to add a little snarky spice to my municipal griping.

Lately the bad weather has had me down, but due to Julia’s job being super proactive with weather emergencies, these snow days almost always guarantee that she and I can steal a day off together which kind of adds a silver lining to the altostratus that’s hanging over Philly pelting us with snow. I stocked the house with groceries and art supplies, so as the weather gets progressively worse tomorrow we’ll be well fed and entertained, and the Valentine’s day dinner I had planned for Julia- surf and turf with two nice aged ribeyes and shrimp- can now be a shared preparation since she’ll be home to apron up and assist me. When we started dating nine months ago, she confessed that she wasn’t a confident cook, but we’ve been having so much fun in the kitchen since we’ve been together that she’s improved by leaps and bounds and I find that our cooking dates are among my favorites; dancing around each other in my tiny kitchen each taking a task, talking about our day, deviling Bailey and finally eating the simple or complex plates we’ve made. We decided not to make a huge deal out of Valentine’s day since her birthday was Tuesday and we did that up pretty well, but something makes me think both have some surprises lined up for each other, though those dumb little chalky message hearts better not make an appearance; they give a bad name to candy.

(just checked. still snowing. 10-16 inches predicted)

I’ve been working on some fun mail-art projects this week thanks to one of those Facebook ‘pay it forward’ meme things; as someone who used to draw every day but has since lapsed it’s always fun to give myself excuses to make art, despite my technique being incredibly rusty. I’m really not sure what I’m going to do or if everyone is getting a drawing, but I picked up a bunch of ink and some new brushes so I’m excited to give them a try. I love getting stuff in the mail but I rarely send any out and I’ve been really trying to do more fun stuff for my friends so this seems to be the perfect fit. My art has never really been great, but it helps me focus my fidgeting.

Trying to stay positive during the winter takes a lot of work.


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