Sunday 11.24.2013

IMG_2708I just spent the better part of a hour slowly disassembling my poor, broken bicycle. I’ve ridden it for almost four years; in the horrific heat of Philadelphia summers, through active snow storms and even a casual ride in the middle of Hurricane Sandy. I’ve gotten hit by two Septa busses, an obscene amount of Cabs, an Escalade and even other cyclists while riding it and yet I credit it for helping start my drive to get healthier by forcing me to exercise as a means to get to and from work.


My bike broke my face, and I broke my bike

And now here it is, in pieces, ready to get dropped into the dumpster due to an irreparable bit of frame damage. I’m not one to be sentimental over things like this, so I have no problem chucking it in the trash, but I’m going to miss it.

Replacing it has proven difficult. I purchased it on a few years back and had an overall great experience with the bike and the customer service. The specific model was out of stock (keep in mind that I have backups of my favorite shoes, in case anything happens to them. I like uniformity) so I grabbed a first available of a different model in my size. I paid. I waited patiently. It came a day before it was scheduled. And it had four separate defects straight out of the box. Having worked for an Internet Retailer for years, I didn’t get too pissed; defects happen and you can expect them when you’re ordering from a discount retailer. I always feel that how the company deals with a defect is more important than the defect itself.

So I’ve contacted them and am awaiting response. Granted, there’s no CS there on weekends, so it’s taking longer than I’d like, but still…. We’ll see.

In the interim I bought a second bike, since buying another box bike isn’t a great idea considering the problems I’m having now and I needed something quicker than the turnaround of returning product, waiting for a refund, etc. I picked it up on Craigslist used and am loving it so far, despite it being fixed gear (for now). Few tweaks and it’ll be as right as rain.

Not that it’s raining. It’s bitter cold and not even December. I hope it’s not a harbinger of a really dreadful Winter. Not that I mind for days off, but the bike commute (see how I kept this all on point?) in snow and sleet is a bastard and I’d really like to avoid that if at all possible.

I’m working on Thanksgiving plans, since everyone I want to spend it with is either out of town during the holidays or planning to have no plans. Part of me wants to do something fancy, but statistically I’ll end up watching Lord of the Rings marathons while making forcemeat and icecream, wearing my monkey slippers while Bailey dances around the house like a loonie.

Do you folks find my life as boring as I do?


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