Sunday 11.03.2013

I was horrible about keeping my diary updated in October.
It turned out to be my busiest month of 2013 but was also packed with the most adventure, so I’ll skip to the highlights for the six of you who’re paying attention:

1374075_709363687906_1460643889_nAIDS WALK 5k:
Team Occult Vibrations kicked butt, raising just under $3600 to support people affected by HIV/AIDS in the Philadelphia area. We were absolutely humbled by the donations from friends, family and total strangers who gave what they could to bring us $2600 OVER our initial goal. Julia and I were able to run a 5k together along with the rest of our team and despite some of us not being happy with their times (29 minutes was NOT my best effort, but on two hours of sleep nursing a chest cold I’m going to take it as gracefully as possible) we were all glad to have gotten together to make a day of it and to help some folks out in the process.


1385139_10202011598599032_632917905_n24 Hour Horror Fest:
My buddy Jesse treated Julia and I to Exhumed Cinema’s 24hr Horror Fest at the International House Theater. We weren’t able to get there until 3am (which clocked us in at just under 12 hours by the time the last film- Demons 2- finished) but we had a ball watching 35mm prints of some real gems, curiosities and downright stinkers. It’s all part of the fun- not knowing what films are going to be coming next. When we finally walked out of the theater, sore from 12 hours in the dark, we walked back into Center City holding hands and discussing horror films… sort of reminds me why I’m going to marry her.



1385605_10202041674830919_1913308325_nAustin Texas:
Speaking of Julia (which I do, quite often)… We decided to spend Halloween visiting Austin Texas. It was a much needed vacation for me, and a very much needed one for her. That it coincided with our favorite Holiday was just icing on the cake. We tried to knock out as much dorky tourist stuff as possible; seeing the Congress Street Bridge bats, eating food from a food truck at the trailer park, seeing a horror movie at the Alamo, visiting 6th Street and SoCo, getting tattooed at Affinity, meeting up with as many friends as possible (though of course there were some we regrettably missed) and having Julia finally meet Bethany.  Jbird said that it was like meeting the ‘end boss’ of a video game before we met up with Bee; which is a funny way to put it but I totally get it. My relationship with Bethany (we’re going to be celebrating 9 years in a few weeks) is very hard to explain to people and I can see how intimidating it could be. Luckily they got along famously and two people that I love more than my ability to articulate were with me in the same place at the same time. More than anything else that made the trip for me… though the ‘anything else’ was still pretty spectacular!

All of that fun was nestled in between tattoo appointments, Outfest, Pushead at NYCC and so much more. I wouldn’t trade a single day of it though I’m thankful that November is here and I’ll hopefully be able to have a nice relaxing month to counterbalance the chaos of October. I’m thinking about taking a brief roadtrip for Thanksgiving but otherwise.. nothing. Just work, life, Julia and Bailey.

I can’t think of a better way to spend it!


Main: Jack O Lantern in November… stay proud.
Inset: Team OV, 24hr Horror Fest Demons 2, Hi How Are You mural and matching tattoos.



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