Thursday 10.18.2013


My room is a mess and I should be cleaning it.
Bailey needs a bath. I have AirBnB guests coming tomorrow and it would behoove me to go straighten up the communal rooms instead of laying back, relaxed, listening to Julia occasionally talk in her sleep and watching John Carpenter’s The Prince of Darkness.

I’ve got a message for you, and you’re not going to like it.

During the month of October I double or triple my already excessive horror movie intake. Today has been excessive even by those standards, starting a new one as soon as the credits finish on the one before. Classic horror. Remakes. Remakes that have become classic horror. After taking a two mile run I retired back to the house and immersed myself in gore, nudity, violence and death while Bailey casually cleaned himself (though he still needs a bath) with a series of wet slurping licks that were even more unsettling than the parade of viscera I was watching onscreen.

1385726_10201903919147113_1604391780_nOctober is the best month of the year. Cooling weather, Horror Movies, Pumpkin everything, NYCC/Pushead and finally Halloween in Austin with Julia. Everything has been going so smoothly this month despite burning the candle at both ends. The Pushead event was pure geek gold; getting to BS with Chris, Phil, Ed, Pat, Michael, Tony, Mikee, Paulie, Marissa, Charlie and finally Pus was perfect. If you’re interested in the geeky details- toys purchased etc, you can swing by my collection specific site for more of that; for here I’ll just say that I wish I had more time to spend with my nerdy friends and we did this more than once or twice a year and I was glad to be able to geek out with them, introduce them to Julia and make my trip about more than just toys and art.

The remaining few weeks of October are going to be equally busy, so I’m trying to take it all in stride and have the best time possible. We’ve got the Aids Walk 5k this coming Sunday, the second half of the 24hr horror fest the following Saturday then a few days in Austin which will, I’m sure, be packed full of adventure, friends and good times. Julia and I finally booked a hotel and are starting to map out things we want to do while we’re in town; see the Alamo so we can later remember it, go see Friday the 13th at the Drafthouse, eat calorically irresponsible food and be ‘that couple’ despite how annoying it must be for everyone who’s not us.

I’ve also been working on a concept for a new Body Modification Blog. One that’s not weighed down with baggage or guided by a single ideology. We’ve got some folks lined up with impressive resumes who are interested in writing for us as well as some great ideas for articles… all we need is a readership that wants a community and not to just be handed content. It’s going to be branded SACRED DEBRIS (which means I’ll be changing the name of this blog to avoid confusion) after my print Body Mod zine from the early 1990s and I’m sure will end up being incredibly fulfilling or frustrating for me, often at the same time,.

So yeah.  There’s that. Projected launch is mid-late November. We’ll see if that actually happens.

Until then I’m going to enjoy October!


Monday 10.07.2013

1381670_10201868027049833_1831363702_nI just realized I haven’t updated since I got back from Toronto.
The whole ‘leaving the country to process’ thing really cleared my head and I’ve been concentrating on Julia, life and adventure and I’ve gotten behind on everything. I like that, when life kicks in and sitting in front of my laptop ceases being a priority. But we find me sitting in the basement tonight at 4:30am unable to sleep, surrounded by VHS tapes and finally in possession of enough motivation to say hello to the Internet again.

October is on course for being my busiest month of the year; it seems that every bit of my month is scheduled out with a mix of hard work and fun adventure, with some of it being the same thing. Julia and I are heading up to New York on Saturday (after working what promises to be a crazy night on Friday) for the New York Comic Con for my second Pushead event of the year. I’ve been spoiled so far in 2013 with both SDCC and NYCC Pushead trips being an option and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with my nerdy friends.

Regrettably ComicCon weekend is also OUTFEST in the Philly Gayborhood and we’ve got a full weekend planned, so it’s going to be another one of those work all night, wake up two hours later to get on a bus, get to NYC, go to the Convention, grab a bus back to Philly and work till 3am only to get back up and be at the bar by 11am to work until 3am again kinda weekends. I just typed that out and it still confuses me.

The following weekend will see Team Occult Vibrations running our Philly AIDS WALK 5k. I’m super proud of the team- to date we’ve raised over $3000 for local HIV/AIDS Charities and we still have two weeks left to shake the cup and see what we get. How awesome is that? We get to do our run AND people in our area who really need the relief get much needed funds. When we started this thing I didn’t expect to raise the full $1000 goal I had set. That we tripled it and then some makes me really happy.

The week after the run we have Austin Texas/Halloween. Julia and I are finally taking a proper vacation together and it’s to a city I’ve never visited before so it’s lining up to be a really rad time. I still need to get off my ass and contact my Austin friends about neighborhoods and all so I can book a hotel but otherwise we’re all set.

There’s so much good stuff going on in my life that even when bad stuff pops up…  it gets dealt with. Can’t ask for much more than that.