Monday 09.09.2013


The Toronto/TIFF trip couldn’t have been better timed.
Since finding out about Josh last week I’ve (understandably) been in a weird mood and the idea of just disappearing into adventure is a really welcome thought. Julia has been amazing and supportive; Kathleen, Atom and Essie were great travel companions to his visitation and Katie a welcome shoulder to lean on but I need to step out of my head for a few days and worry about bus schedules, customs visits, getting around in a city without GPS and the prospect of disregarding all of my planning and just letting the trip organically evolve into something really rad. I’m not sure I’ll ever make sense of the whole situation, but I’m ok with not having to. Josh loved me with all of my flaws, and I’ll pay him the same respect by being able to get past his.

jodogunsWhen I booked the ticket I didn’t really have much planned aside from seeing JODOROWSKY’S DUNE, but looking at the TIFF schedule I might try to catch a few more films, time constraints and budget considered. There are a lot of stellar movies being screened, though I’ll miss most of them due to scheduling. Still though, there are some ones worth seeing so I hope it all works out. Same with seeing friends; Toronto used to be such a big part of my life when Shannon was still doing events up there. Brian, Bucket, Scot… we’d jump in the car, on a plane, didn’t matter how but we’d get there for some party, any party. Surgical events, suspension meetups, modification proms, bbqs and a few just because trips, we were up there a few times a year for a few years and then things just sort of shifted. It’ll be weird to wander down Bathurst and not swing by to see Shannon but the friendships I made through him include more than a few locals who I’ll be very happy to spend some time with.

Life is so surreal and strange and beautiful.

I always promise to try to update from the road, but this time I’m not going to bother. I hope to have a new collection of stories when I return; of conversations with strangers on an 11hr busride, of getting lost then found again in Toronto, of visions of DUNE, poutine and Tim Hortons…

See you when I get back, Internet.

Photos: Main- Canadian Currency with Emperor Palpatine, El Topo (inset)


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