Monday 08.26.2013


Another late night at work.
I’ve been finished with all work related responsibilities for an hour and a half and now I’m just relaxing in the quiet dark bar by myself, listening to the Smiths and unwinding. It was ‘date day’ with Julia today and as always… it was the best date day we’ve ever had. Part of that is knowing that the next one will be even better and still being able to enjoy it  in the moment. We did a repeat of last Sunday’s fun, going to see the documentary Cutie and the Boxer, (now in my top 5 of 2013)  having lunch at Han Dynasty and finishing it off with frozen yogurt with delicious cookie dough crumbles dropped in.

The documentary was great; not so much about the artistic output of the two main subjects of the film but the examination of how a couple interacts and works together. When Noriko told Gyu-Chan that “Cutie loves Bullie so much” after a little bit of really honest henpecking and they both laugh together.. waterworks. Obviously love and happiness have been on my mind a lot lately, so seeing this cute couple that has been through so much together still having this devotional connection really sits well with me. Despite continuously documenting my life via diaries, zines, blogs etc over the last twenty something years, I’ve never particularly been a documentary fan but recently my favorite films of the year lists have been dominated by them; 2012’s BEAUTY IS EMBARRASSING and this year’s THE ACT OF KILLING and CUTIE AND THE BOXER have all made a tremendous impact on me with the little windows into other people’s lives.

Walking back to the bar with Julia, holding hands and stealing looks… just sort of summed up the last four months-ish for me and really drove home that I’m choosing to be happy. That it works if you let it. If my artist girlfriend ever chronicles our life together I’ll be very interested in the output and how she filters the experiences and adventures we’re having. Seeing her perspective on our life, not just my own…

The things you think about at 4am, huh?

ovpatchmockup1I’ve been very blessed (can an atheist be blessed?) lately. Since I made my post the other day about team Occult Vibrations and our fundraising campaign for the Philly Aids Walk 5k I’ve been incredibly humbled by the generosity of my friends, employees and total strangers, and in 13 days have raised $800 (and counting), beating my goal of $500 in record time and encouraging me to set my sights on $1000. I have a little less than two months to go to raise the remaining $200, so I think I’ll meet that goal as well. And it’s not just me who’s seen support in fundraising; Julia just recently hit the $500 mark and the rest of the team has been very proactive about getting the word out, soliciting their friends, family etc and as a group, Occult Vibrations has raised $1815 to benefit HIV/AIDS charities in the Philadelphia area, exceeding our team goal of $1500! We’ve raised the team goal to $2000 but I have absolute faith that we can surpass that as well.

Is it wrong to say that I’m proud of us? Of myself? I’m not sure if you’re supposed to self congratulate when you’re doing charity stuff, but I think we’ve been really fortunate to have the friends that we have and the support that we’ve gotten and I’m really happy to be part of this, team leader or not.

The tattoo appointment with Bink that I spoke about in my last update got pushed back to Tuesday (tomorrow) so I’m getting in that antsy/excited pre-tattoo phase where I’m both nervous and geeked; I don’t regret any of the tattoos I’ve gotten (even the ones I’ve covered) by any means, but I really wish I would have found Robert earlier and been able to have more big work from him. His aesthetic and personality just resonate with me so much; you end up getting a really honest tattoo from a really grounded human when he tattoos you, so I’m really glad that we’re going to be starting a pretty larger piece. It’ll give me more time spent in his booth instead of just quickshot one-offs and I can really soak up everything he has to offer. While he jabs needles into a really soft and sensitive part of my body. Fun.

I really wanted to get into how nerdy and rad it was to see Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and World’s End) at the Riverview the other night, touristing with Alex and Tianna and everything else that I’ve been up to since the last update, but I’m finally exhausted and Julia is at home waiting for me.

It’s all about priorities.

Photos: Cantrell Street. Inset: OV Logo.


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