Tuesday 08.20.2013


It’s my Friday, Internet.
I’ve always hated that turn of phrase but here it is 2:50am and my work week is over and I’m using it with reckless abandon. My life is that boring. Monday nights/Tuesday mornings tend to be the night that Julia and I don’t spend the night at each other’s place; she’s nestled comfortably (I hope) at her apartment and I’m killing time on a reliable computer in my office before biking home and attempting to blog on my less operational and quickly dying Macbook. I won’t get all sappy on you folks because it’s late and I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but… I long for the day when there won’t be a ‘my place’ or ‘her place’.

Speaking of housing, I’ve been blessed with a decent amount of AirBbB guests this month; things are still going perfectly with that site and it’s users and almost a year later I can’t believe that I’ve had such great luck with it. I’ve met some really rad travelers, made a little bit of much needed petty cash and had a great experience with living outside of my comfort zone. Other than the one twitchy lady that left shortly after arriving we’ve had no real weirdos and a bounty of really fun people who’re open to the experience of staying in a stranger’s house for money and dealing with the eccentricity of the situation in both directions with grace and a sense of humor. Things will slow down as winter approaches, but for now.. I’ll take it.

I’m getting tattooed Thursday; very excited about that. I really wanted to be ‘done’ by the time I turn 40, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen so I can just sort of sit back, relax and get tattooed as whim and availability strike me. I’m going back to Robert Ryan; he’s my favorite currently working American tattoo artist and I’m lucky to have him such a short commute away. We’re going to be taking out my last big piece of open untattooed skin; the back of my left thigh. After that it’ll be my buttcheeks and then fill-in work, little pieces here and there that will fill gaps and awkward spots that have been created by the ‘vulcanized inner tube’ aesthetic that I’ve gone with over the last 23 years. I’ll post pictures when I get back from Asbury, though it’s just outlines so it won’t be that dynamic.

I made my goal for the Aids Walk 5k in under a week- $500 in donations!
I’m so incredibly humbled and thankful that my friends, family, loved ones and even some total strangers were generous enough to help me not only make but exceed my fundraising goal so quickly! I decided to raise my goal to $1000 and see how close I get- I have until the end of October and I haven’t even dipped into my ‘premiums’ yet.. a new OV exclusive tshirt by Simon Erl, a Reign Supreme shirt/cd pack and more. So awesome.

Life is what you make of it… so I’m happy that what I’m putting out is coming back.

Photo: Me at the foot of Lombard street, SF/2013


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