Thursday 07.18.2013



Summer Vacation 2013.
The plan this year was to skip APP, which has almost become a given (and as such, not really a vacation) and instead attend the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. Ultimately I chose to do both and with APP behind me- fun though it was- I’m now just over 24 hours away from boarding a plane to California for what’s turned into the longest sequential-days vacation I’ve had since 2000.

It’s going to be tough; I’m a horrible planner so there is a lot of holes in my itinerary that I’ve yet to fill like transportation routes/schedules, it’s going to be difficult to be away from Julia and Bailey for that long and my roommate is unexpectedly moving out this week with only a few days notice so I know that I’ll have to start the ‘new roommate chaos’ when I return, but despite it all I’m geeked as hell about the trip and counting the minutes till it’s time to start it. I’ve technically been on vacation since Tuesday, taking it easy, eating water ice after a long, hot bike ride and generally being a bum. Once I get to the airport tomorrow the real fun will start.

Since I’ve been so lax on planning everything trip related, I decided to jump the gun and get my bags packed early. So despite not really knowing what’s going on for most of my trip I’m at least 100% certain to be doing it with clean socks, enough Emergen-C to stave off air travel related sickness and my traditional good luck bag of beef jerky.

I’m trying to decide if I’m going to take it easy today, bum around, have a hot diggity date with Erin and Julia and keep up with the lazy thing, or if I should go get a set in at the gym. I’ll be out of routine for almost a week so I should probably commit to a 5k at the very least. Meh. Decisions are the cancer of vacation.

Photo: Cool Down. Swedish Fish Water Ice


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