Monday 07.15.2013


My first job in Philadelphia was at an independent video store.
I arrived on a Thursday night (where I saw Danny Trejo walking down South Street and first met the incomparable  Stormin’ Norman Brown) and found myself being interviewed by the GM- artist Randy Sellers– early the next afternoon. By that night I was hired and on Saturday had my first shift as a fill-in clerk at the 4th Street location of the legendary TLA video chain.

Strange to think about; it will be fourteen years next month. As I laid in bed this morning stoned and playing with my dog, trying to remember if I owned BETTER OFF DEAD on DVD or not (not, sadly) and checking to see if it’s on any of the streaming services I have which include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu+ and HBOGo (it wasn’t) I realized that there are no video stores left in Philadelphia proper. With all of the streaming choices we have, we have less choice than we did fourteen years ago. Less bookstores. Less record stores (and the ones we do have never have what you’re looking for in stock) or places to DISCOVER new titles. It’s a weird balance- working at TLA where you had ten thousand movies to choose from then moving to Amazon where we crippled and destroyed small video stores/chains/etc.

The moral of this story is that I really want to watch Better off dead.

I’ve been in a weird mood lately, Internet. My life is amazing. Work is fun. Julia is perfect. Bailey is, as always, loyal and affectionate. I don’t think I’ve ever been in this good of a place, mentally, this often. But I’m finding myself annoyed by people lately. Like really annoyed. Since rebooting myself, going to therapy and all of that, I think I just expect more out of people and man, I’m not getting it. I’ve had to really look at some of my friendships and get some distance from them. Not that I don’t care about them, but I just can’t take some of the rhetoric. Some of it I agree with. Some of it I disagree with. But the constant reinforcement of it, I just can’t bother with. Specially now that I’m actually happy with my life.

I’m really looking forward to San Diego/San Fran to get out of my head, offline and back on an Adventure!


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