Tuesday 07.09.2013


Always trying to play catch-up, aren’t I?

I’ve been lucky lately to be able to spend more time with Julia than without her. We’re spoiled. Tonight is one of the rare nights where she’s not over at my place and I’m not over at hers, so instead of sleeping I’ve stayed up till almost 6am, watching a FRIDAY THE 13TH film at the Overground and being a goober. (which includes drinking a mango kombucha with the biggest brain I’ve ever consumed and deviling Bailey, who’s unimpressed with my breaking his sleeping streak)

My life isn’t terrible.

We’ve packed a decent amount of adventure in since my last update including a  daytrip to Providence, RI to see Jenna (who as it turns out was very surprised. We sort of didn’t tell her we were coming to add to the fun) and Nicholas that was a heck of a lot of fun. Julia and I have never taken a really big trip together before; a bus ride to NYC sure but never being trapped in a car together for twelve hours (for what amounted to an 18 hour trip, sleep included) attempting to navigate without a GPS. Normally that would push my stress level to a meltdown, but these days I’m able to handle these little setbacks with a smile and a laugh and despite a hellish commute; we had a ball.

1012174_10201204961873618_1055561295_nProvidence  itself was rad. Julia had never been before so it was really great to take her someplace new. We didn’t get a chance to do much touristing since the visit was more about Julia and Jenna meeting and getting to know each other but eventually we made it out to see some fireworks, go to the bar where parts of ‘SOMETHING ABOUT MARY’ was filmed  and celebrate the 4th of July with some of my favorite people. Sucked that we didn’t get to see any of my local RI friends, but with the trip so short I figured it was best to spend all of the limited time we had with Jenna rather than spread ourselves thin trying to meet up with everyone else. Just means we’ll have to visit again sometime. Ultimately very much so worth it to even spend the little time with DD that we did. In the year that we’ve been friends she’s sort of taken on a really special place in my life, so introducing her to my love was really important to me. The look on her face when she saw us in her kitchen was priceless, totally made my trip.

We did manage to make a little 8am sidetrip to the Swan Point Cemetery and despite telling the perfectly pleasant caretaker that we wouldn’t take pictures at HP Lovecraft’s grave as per Cemetery policy…

Since getting back I’ve been trying to plan out all of my upcoming travel stuff; if you live in San Diego or San Francisco I’m going to do my best to see you; I’ll post my itinerary on the next blog update and hit some of ya’all up privately on Facebook about the wheres and whens. It’s going to be a doozy but I’m willing to put the time in to see folks, so we’ll get the details hashed out and have a damn good adventure!

I’ve been in such a great place lately. Julia. Life. Being able to spend time with Erin, Jenna… things have been so amazing in my life and it’s strangely making me much less tolerant of bullshit; the last few days have seen me getting super annoyed by rhetoric being broadcast over my social networking feeds and despite usually being tolerant of people with radically opposing viewpoints, I’ve sort of hit a wall and quieted the voices that were bothering me. Doesn’t mean they’re not my friends anymore; just that I’d prefer not to keep track of their feeds if it means putting up with the torrents of blah blah blah that I’ve had to deal with. Things like the blog here at SD; I figure if you care enough to read about my life, you’ll check back every now and then. If my updates bore you, offend you, annoy you, etc… you just won’t come. Doesn’t mean you don’t like me; just that you don’t want to read things that bother you. It’s ruffled some feathers; people who associate social networking with real life a little more closely than I do but ultimately…

Greater good and all.

Do what makes you happy I say.

Photos: Denim Dan and I, 4th of July. Julia at the HP Lovecraft Grave marker.


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