Monday 06.10.2013



I’m tired, Internet.
It’s been a heck of a few days with multiple four floor madness at the bar and it’s finally over. In a few hours I’ll be sitting in a Southwest waiting queue (likely notified of yet another delay. My luck lately with Southwest has been questionable) headed out to Las Vegas for my yearly APP Conference sojourn. My bag are packed, my ticket printed and my faithful hound boarded with my lovely girlfriend (who I’ll be curling up with for my two hours of sleep once I get out of here) and I’m finally getting really excited about going.

Conference is a weird trip for me. Most of the Vegas experience is lost on me since I don’t drink or gamble, and most of the APP crowd falls under the ‘trying too hard’ category but ultimately more people I care about attend than don’t so where else am I going to have that big a collection of my favorite people together in one place at the same time? Puts you in a pickle is what it does. So I go. I bitch and I moan and I tell everyone that I won’t be attending, but I do. Always. It is what it is and I’ve made peace with that. Vacation commencing, bitching ceasing…

I’ve been really spoiled lately with the amount of time Julia and I have been able to spend together, so like I said last update there’s a bit of melancholy about leaving her (and Bailey!) for a week, but she’s been so amazingly positive and supportive that it’s been a lot easier. I hate to sat it, Internet, but APP used to be my little escape from the people I dated, but this year it’s going to be different. I know I’m going to have fun and have great stories to tell J when I return.

So. Check with BME’s MODBLOG (which can be found at over the next few days for live updates from Vegas, and come back here next week for a full wrapup.

Until then,

Goodnight Internet.

Photo: Vegaswear. 



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