Friday 06.07.2013



I’m alive, Internet.
The wounds from last week’s bike accident are healing; the bruises slowly fading and the stitches are doing their job of repairing my torn eyebrow for good-as-new, so I guess that little dramatic episode is almost fully behind me. The staff of Liberty Bell Bicycle in South Philly were amazing with my bike; I stopped in to price forks and they hooked me up, selling me a used set from one of their employees plus install for $20. Sure, the fork has a huge medical marijuana sticker on the side (which I intend to keep on. Screw it.) but their service was rad as hell and they even fixed my bent brake calipers and argued when I tried to give them a tip. Great little bike shop.

Now I just have to deal with this chipped tooth and the whole thing will be over.

I’m in ‘vacation mode’ mentally right now with Vegas a few days away. It’s bittersweet this year; I’m really looking forward to going out and seeing all of my rad friends, but… there’s part of me that’s sappy and sentimental and is worried about missing Julia. I haven’t felt this way about someone in a really long time. We do the whole “we have busy lives, sometimes we just won’t be able to see each other- it’s cool, we’re patient” thing on paper, but with the prospect of being away for a week I admit to being melancholy. Waking up next to her is a fine thing; apparently I smile like some sort of quasi-ginger cheshire cat when I wake up (she just told me this) and see her next to me. I know I’ll have a great time on vacation, and that she’ll be there when I get back, so… I’ll not let the grumps get to me, have a ball and get back to her next Friday.

Speaking of, dear Internet- I’ll be in Las Vegas from Monday after noon to Friday morning. If you see me at APP, say hello. It’s always such an odd thing, APP. I’ll get messages from folks when I get back to Philadelphia saying that they saw me there and didn’t want to ‘bother’ me by saying hello. It’s truly no bother. I really want to be more social this year outside of Conference; we’ve started a jogging club for health conscious attendees, I’m tentatively scheduled to go out in the desert with from friends and I’m going to be doing some sit down interviews for BME’s MODBLOG, so… say hi. I promise it’ll be good times all around.

Otherwise life is nice and calm. Bartended for a bit last night; it’s always a rare treat for me to get behind the bar. Slow, cool, rainy night so I wasn’t rolling in the big bucks, but… it reminded me that you can have fun behind the bar, making the most out of what you have. Good times.

That’s what it comes down to lately. Good times.



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