Saturday 06.01.2013


I’m having a rough week, internet.
On Thursday, biking home from doing inventory, the driver of a silver minivan opened his door wide into traffic, and I hit it going around 20mph. I didn’t have time to brake; not that it would have mattered really. I hit his door and kept going, flipping off of my bicycle and hitting the road with my face then sliding. Before I stood up I noticed that my face was gushing blood. I had contusions on my back, cheek and a split eyebrow with a large bruise on my finger. The guy’s door was bent out of repair and his new phone was shattered. We called it a draw and I walked home, bleeding profusely and trying to decide if I wanted to go to the emergency room or not.

943489_10200981445565850_1278963559_nIt’s hard being uninsured in America. You find yourself staring in the mirror, checking on your wounds and deciding if they’re bad enough to justify the cost of an Emergency room visit. I put some texts out. My Doctor friends were all graduating and couldn’t sneak away to do sutures and with Vegas and San Diego coming up decided that I should just let it ride. The expense outweighed the risk. I’ll skip any commentary on the politics of heath care and insurance companies and all that. No point.

Forty minutes later the bleeding hadn’t stopped. I decided to go to a walk-in clinic and take my chances. The cost turned out to be manageable; $80 and $80 for the sutures. Ultimately it was worth it, but it was the money I set aside for my hotel in Las Vegas so there’s a bit of stress on that front- not to mention the fork of my bike being shot, so there’s more expenses that have to come out. But more importantly my wound was taken care of- flushed out, sutured and fixed up so the doctor could get me ‘back on the road’. Worth the money and the peace of mind. Once he cleaned it out I realized how bad the wound was and realized that suturing was necessary, so I’m glad I didn’t let pride get in my way and make it where i didn’t go take care of things. The place- Doctor’s Express- was super clean, friendly staff and really worth it. It’s half the cost of a doctor’s visit without insurance, so I’ll make sure to keep them in mind for future medical needs.

It’s Saturday now and my eye is on the mend. The swelling has (mostly) gone down but the bruising is pretty intense. Julia has been taking care of me; our relationship for those of you keeping track is moving along organically and wonderfully. We enjoy the time we get together and both appreciate that alone time is ok too. There’s an ease there that I’ve been missing in my life and she more than provides it (and then some) while still being someone I want to take with me on adventures. More on that later, I’m sure, but I’ll tease with:

Austin Texas. Halloween. 

I think I could have just been her friend had it worked out that way. We certainly didn’t go out on a date thinking “ok, let’s get into a relationship like NOW!” but sometimes things just work out the way they do and you just have to buckle up and enjoy the ride. We’re really into honesty with each other, and yet we were both holding back on using words like ‘girlfriend’ and ‘boyfriend’ because it was ‘too soon’ or ‘what would people think’ so we just kinda held back- breaking our promise of being totally honest.

So now we say it. BF & GF. ILY. All of it. If we say something that needs further discussion… we discuss it. No big deal. Like I said… ease.

Lots of other stuff going on. Been having a lot of AirBnB guests lately; some of whom never actually show up but still pay, some who are super nice and some who I’ve yet to meet. It’s still an exercise in odd, having strangers roaming my home, but you deal with it and it’s great supplemental income. My buddy Mike is going to help me paint the room soon, I’ve got art to frame and hang, and I like the adventure of having weird random folks staying in my house. Totally unlike me, I guess.

So yeah. Things are strange, but strange isn’t bad.

Photos: Injured self portrait, blood. 


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