Tuesday 05.28.2013


I have three windows open right now attempting to update blogs.
ModBlog: The history of the Scarwars events.
Occult Vibrations: A writeup on visiting Tulsa for the opening party of the legendary Richard Stell’s new PAIR O DICE Tattoo.
Sacred Debris: Well. That’s this one. So at least one of them is getting some love.

It’s late in the night/early in the morning on my brother’s 40th birthday. That’s so weird. Mainly because it means I’ll be forty next year. I’ve been telling people I’m forty for about a year (little white lies) to help me acclimate to the reality that I’m not a kid anymore. Robert’s been forty since he was nine, so he’s probably more used to it, but me? I’m going to have a hard time with it. At least he’s at Disney in Orlando for STAR WARS week or whatever it’s called. Disney being the happiest place on Earth and all.

Being happy is of paramount importance to me these days. It’s odd that being happy should be something people have to think about. We should all be happy to be happy. But that slips away from you as you get older and the pressures of the real world start weighing down on you. I’ve spent the last year working on PMA and positive life changes and lately get told by people that I ‘look happy’. I think of all of the compliments I’ve gotten about getting healthy, getting smaller, getting fit- that someone telling me that I look happy is the best compliment I’ve gotten. Well. That and ‘you look hot’ because ultimately I’m pretty shallow and who doesn’t like that sort of attention.

307048_10200960151753518_1266966728_nObviously I’ve been really geeked with the whole process of getting to know and falling for Julia; things are going so great and we’re really finding a balance with each other’s personalities- but I’m happy to report that I’m not happy because of the new relationship; I’m happy on my own and having her in my life augments and enriches the happiness. In the past I’ve made the mistake of letting the thrill of finding an amazing partner replace something that’s missing in my life and let me tell you- that puts unnecessary pressure on both sides. When you’re looking for your other half to make you happy- and you’re not happy on your own- it just can’t work. But I was in a really great place before she and I became ‘us’ so we’re confident that things will work out organically.

Also, she’s really pretty.

Just saying.

So yeah. Tulsa.
Anyone who’s been around the tattoo world for the last twenty or so years should be familiar with Richard Stell’s work. It’s clean, bold and ballsy. He’s known for his cat tattoos (Panthers, Jaguars, Tigers etc) but the man puts on a serious traditional kickass tattoo regardless of subject matter. For the record, he’s always kind of intimidated me- which isn’t a bad thing. Tattooers USED to have that kinda gruff, scary edge. It added to the mystery of the whole tattoo scene. But my friend Jennifer married him, so I knew he must be a good dude on top of being a stellar (see what I did there?) tattooer and heading out to Tulsa for his birthday completely affirmed that. He’s a really nice guy. Funny. Tells a great story (That 50 Cent story still has me laughing) and when he talks about Jennifer has this big ol’ grin on his face. I like that; she deserves it.

The whole tattoo part of the story will be up on Occult Vibrations soonish. I prefer to keep my blogging tidy so I’ll just stick to the whole travel experience here, which was fucking terrible. I’ve been flying Southwest Airlines for years, and this was hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had with them. Three out of four of the planes were late including a multi hour delay on the initial journey, snarky customer service, deboarding a plane that they said was going to St. Louis but was actually my Tulsa flight (I had a ticket. you don’t get a ticket with a different flight number if it’s the same plane) and having to wait in line to reboard the plane I just exited.. it was a nightmare.  But everyone I met in Tulsa was super rad. It was a really short trip- all told only really  one day- but totally worth all of the trouble. I felt bad for not having a chance to meet some friends who live in/near Tulsa, but I was pretty threadbare with time and it’s difficult to leave the event you flew out to attend to do anything else.

Once I get the OV stuff written, I’ll link to it so you can read the rest of the story.

I have so much stuff going on right now that it’s hard to get it all in. My life is coming up Milhouse right now and my friends, family and loved ones are a major part of that. Travel, adventure, toys, tattoos, movies and my lady…

What more could I ask for?

Photos: Tulsa. Inset: Julia. 


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