Thursday 05.23.13


It’s really nice when you’re so busy living life that you don’t have time to blog about it.
That’s what’s been going on, Internet. My days and nights have been booked and I feel like I’ve been neglecting Sacred Debris for all of the other plates I’ve been spinning. But I’m awake now and have been for a few hours. While I clock-watch, knowing that  my 9am alarm is soon to go off, I’m finally able to sit back, enjoy a mint tea and catch up everything.

The Crush.
The crush is now more than a crush. Things are evolving with her so smoothly, so naturally that we’re just taking things as they come at face value. Not rushing anything, but also not denying it when it happens organically. I’ve never used the word ‘girlfriend’ this quickly before. If anything it’s caused me stress to classifying or label things. With Julia I said it off the cuff, not really placing some huge gravitas behind it. She’s my girlfriend. Why not just say it? Because I decided that I was going to stay single for the rest of the year and now I’m not? That doesn’t make much sense.

She makes me really happy. I make her really happy. So we’re just going to go with that and see where it leads us. Like Roger told me the other night: It just makes sense.

We took a day trip to NYC so she could meet my sister and NY friends. It was really nice; a day of no calorie counting gluttony with poutine, Big Gay Ice Cream and all of the sashimi. We didn’t really tourist. Just wandered around going to favorite eateries, talking and holding hands and being big ol’ goobers. I want to go back soon when we actually have a plan, but this was fun and relaxing.

I’m taking a little unschedule jaunt to Tulsa Oklahoma this weekend. It’s going to be nice to just hop on a plane and go to someplace I’ve never been again. I haven’t really done that in a while, with most of my trips the last few years taking me to places I’ve been multiple times. Back in the salad days of Southwest Airlines being the cheapest carrier on the block it was a regular thing for me. Hop on the website, pick a city and just GO. Now my life is much more structured and that’s a luxury I rarely have. Thanks to Jennifer… it’s on. I’m sure there’ll be a fancy writeup on Occult Vibrations about it when I get back.

Speaking of blog write-ups, I’ve been doing SPC articles for Modblog the last few weeks. History articles filtered through my life experience. I’ve had a lot of fun with them so far; by no means am I writing scholarly history pieces with footnotes and objectivity- just recounting how my life intersected with the lives of people and situations that had a major impact on me. If you’re interested- check it out here.

APP is approaching. I hadn’t planned to go this year (see the “it’s not a party if it happens every night” excuse) but ultimately gave in. I can’t have that many amazing friends in one location and not go out there, even though I despise the city. It’s fallen on me to eulogize Shannon at this year’s banquet, so if you’re going… grab a seat. It’ll be nice to be surrounded by friends. Otherwise I think this year is going to be really chill for me. Maybe take some day-trips out into the desert, so more non-APP stuff.

San Diego:
After Vegas I have a few weeks before my next trip- San Diego Comic Con for Pushead. No real plans at the convention aside from Pus, so I’ll have time to visit with old friends, maybe go to Tijuana… I’ve never really touristed in San Diego before despite several trips to the convention, so it’ll be nice to be able to just goof off.

San Francisco:
After the comic con I’m going to head up to the bay area. Originally I intended to go to San Jose as well (cheaper to fly out of) but I got a great deal on a ticket flying out of SF, so… More time in San Francisco. I’m geeked. I haven’t really had a chance to wander around since 1997 or so. We were there for dinner last year but time was limited, so I plan to just roam around, check out some tattoo shops, see friends and enjoy myself.

If you’re in any of the above cities- Tulsa, Vegas, San Diego, San Fran… shoot me a message; maybe I’ll be able to include you in my wandering!

Photo: NYC Street Art.


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