Wednesday 04.10.13


Typical of people who get what they want, I’m already regretting wishing for warmer weather. Today promises to be almost 90 degrees which is going to be a bit of an adjustment given that it was in the thirties last week. But I’m not going to complain- yet- since Bailey is loving it and it means great bike riding weather.

Since it IS Spring I’ve already started spring cleaning. Totally gutted my bedroom closet and started throwing things out (do I need a love letter complete with heart dotted Is from my ex fiance, telling me she’d always love me?) and sorting things I plan to keep. I had a bunch of extra large tshirts still on hangers that were just taking up space now that I’m down to a medium but I just couldn’t get rid of. Old BME shirts, SPC, ModCon, things that I have a sentimental attachment to, so those got folded up and put away until I finally figure out what to do with them. It’s nice being able to walk into my closet and actually see the walls. Things had gotten a little messy in there and I’m glad to be rid of the things that ended up in the big black trash bag.

There’s still the standard flotsam from a deep cleaning that needs to be take care of; stuff that has no place (how is it that I own a three floor, three bedroom house and there’s never any room for things?) at the moment but isn’t getting thrown out. I’d like to prioritize finishing up the spring cleaning and find a place for them, but the weather is so nice that I’d rather walk Bailey and go for a bike ride than finish cleaning my room. It’s all about choices.

Tonight is my best friend’s EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR award dealie. I’m standing in for her boyfriend Shaun who has to work tonight. Should be fun and a change from our normal movie nights. She gets so horribly awkward with this sort of attention, so I’m sure that it’s going to be entertaining. I’ve been talked out of wearing a bright red tuxedo (mainly by Erin’s judging eyes) so I’m going to have to figure something out in the next few hours lest I show up in my standard monochrome outfit combination. I really am proud of her. My friends tend to be much more awesome than I am.

Photo: Hard Cider Icecream. Tastes like Apple Jacks Cereal Milk!


One thought on “Wednesday 04.10.13

  1. It has taken a lot of steely resolve to avoid complaining about the sudden heat. All winter, I promised myself that I would remember how miserable I was in the cold and appreciate the heat more.

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