Monday 03.25.13


Spring is finally here in Philadelphia. Sure it’s spitting rain and snow and I’m still wrapped up in layers of warm clothing, but technically it’s spring and that means its time for renewal. Carmela, Robin, Perk and I are making some great headway with the STAY CALM memorial day scheduled for 27th April; saying goodbye and celebrating Shannon’s life with 150+ (and counting!) friends that we made through BME/IAM through an all day celebration. We’ve got a park get-together/BBQ planned, private suspension events and a kickass wake/celebration at the bar that’s sure to be memorable.

It’s been a very surreal couple of days; the Dim Sum get together was great; telling stories and sharing communal memories of some really great times and people. Facebook has been ablaze with old friends reconnecting and resuming friendships that time and distance had gotten in the way of. I’d rather have Shannon still with us (I keep saying it- I’m going to miss arguing with him) but since that’s simply not am option at least we have this great surge of community that’s come about as a result of losing him.

Otherwise life keeps keeping on. I finally nutted up and registered for my first 5k, running with Erin. It’s going to be really rad- I’ve got my indoor time down to 26-30m for 5k, but this will be outdoors with other runners. I’m excited even though it’s on the morning of Stay Calm. I’ll have worked until 2am the night before and will probably stay up late catching up with my beloved Bethany, so I should be properly screwed by the time the run starts. But it’s a great metaphor for staying positive and working through it, so for that alone I’m pretty excited and have nothing but PMA about it. I probably won’t match my indoor runtimes, but if I can manage a 5.5/6mph pace I’ll be happy.

If things work out and I enjoy the group dynamic, expect me to be bugging you guys all summer for donations for races; I really want to fundraise for the Aids walk so be prepared. Over the years I’ve always given runners/walkers cash citing that if I give them money I don’t have to get up early and run. Now the dynamic has flipped and it’ll be me out there at 8am in comically short shorts and a number pinned to my chest. Hopefully people will be kind and support the causes I’m running for.

My buddy Jimmy treated me to another Lucero gig on Thursday. It was great to get out of my own head/thoughts and just go listen to some great rock and roll movie, talk tattoos with Jimmy and Sailor Eddy (who invited me to the shop to talk for OV) and OBMF Josh. I really needed that kind of laid back fun night. I’m going to work on having more of those.

Photo: Receding Hairline, go!


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