Monday 03.18.13


Today a bunch of WEIRDOS will be getting together to remember our friend Shannon Larratt, to remember the last 19 years of BME, the friendships we formed, and the lives we ruined. Even if you didn’t know Shannon, even if you just want to have a great (vegan, god help me) dinner with some tattooed, pierced and morally flexible people… consider joining us at NEW HARMONY in Chinatown Philadelphia for what promises to be a really amazing time. Our last WEIRDOS dinner there was so good we offended a stripper, who got up and left without finishing her meal. This time we’re not going to restrain ourselves.mjff6zmz

Weirdos DIM SUM of DOOM

It’s a vegan place, so almost all dietary needs can be accommodated. We’d really love to see anyone who can make it out.

The last few days have been very surreal. Very little sleep, lots of catching up with old friends who I haven’t spoken to in years. I guess death does that; brings folks together who’ve drifted apart. I’ve had so many messages asking me how I’m doing, and the truth is- I’m ok. I process death very efficiently- one of the benefits of being a primarily logical vs emotional person. I’m going to miss my friend; miss arguing with him and getting random messages- but I choose to remember him and his influence on my life (and mine on his) over allowing my sadness to overwhelm me. But really, it has been nice hearing from folks. I haven’t gotten a chance to respond to everyone and I sincerely hope that people aren’t offended, but it’s been a mountain of messages to sort through and I’m going as fast as I can.

Today my family and I are celebrating my Dad’s birthday (it was yesterday) at Industry. I think he turned 73. I haven’t seen him since November, I think, so it will be nice to catch up though probably only briefly. He never really stays in the city long when he comes down. I haven’t been to Industry since my first date with Natalie, so it’ll be nice to go back. They have a lot of small plate options and with the Dim Sum dinner tonight that’ll work out perfectly.

Photo: ‘Glider Heart’ by Maee Kroft. Such a beautiful design.


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