Wednesday 03.07.13


I just got home from an Exhumed Films presentation of Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 at the International House in West Philly. A 35mm print with introduction and followup Q&A by one of the film’s stars Bill Moseley. I rarely get to go to any of the Exhumed films due to scheduling, but this Wednesday screening was perfect and it was really rad to see TCM2 again projected 35mm.

Having my own DIY theater (the Underground Cinema) has been really awesome, being able to see cult, horror and exploitation movies ‘big screen’ has been something I take for granted, but seeing it projected on actual film versus a 1080p digital projector makes a heck of a difference. And of course it was really great to see Bill again after having met him some years back through my friend Jovanka. Despite having no popped corn (which I consider part and parcel part of the cinema experience) I had a really great time and really hope that in the future Exhumed has more mid-week shows. I know that Bill is in Philly shooting a movie (they mentioned that he randomly showed up at a recent IHouse/Exhumed screening, which is how this showing came about) and that Monster Mania is this weekend, so I’m sure that has something to do with it, but maybe I’ll be lucky and more shows will fit my schedule.

And now that it’s getting a little warmer I’m going to be starting back up showing movies at the Overground more frequently. I did Lost Highway a few weeks ago and am planning a showing of the reconstructed/uncut WATERPOWER soon so once I get back into the swing of it I’m sure I’ll come up with some real gems to show. Obviously I usually show genre, cult, horror, etc but I also occasionally play really out of left field movies like Point Break/Roadhouse or forgotten comedies like From the Hip and the Magic Christian. Since Erin and I missed movie night last night (nothing playing. I went over and made burritos with her and Shaun and she fell asleep while we watched Dark City) and last week I’ve had a really big cinema boner lately. Luckily we have Oz next Tuesday.

My chest cold is almost at it’s end; I went to the gym this morning (earlier than normal, thanks to a center city sleepover) and did a solid 30min of jogging for cardio and a little lifting until I felt fatigued and took a break. Tomorrow is therapy day followed by more jogging/lifting/toning, so I think that even if this  goddamned cold hasn’t fully run it’s course I’m over acquiescing to it.

Photo: More PANIC. I love finding these in Philly.


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