Tuesday 03.05.13


I’ve spent the last few days recovering from a wicked chest cold. Per the advice of my often bratty but always charming almost doctor I’ve taken the last two days off from working out or biking, occupying my time instead with copious amounts of mint tea and season 4 of True Blood (not liking it, but I hear S5 is ok) while shit talking, toy geeking a picture cruising on the internet. All in all, I’d rather be sweating at the gym, but I promised Amanda I’d take it easy, so I’ll enjoy one last day of inactivity before finally calling myself “all better” tomorrow and making a triumphant return to cardio. (the irony of a hypochondriac pronouncing themselves cured isn’t lost on me)

I did manage to escape the clutches of the teevee long enough to vacuum and dust my bedroom earlier. It’s usually pretty tidy but the dust situation has gotten out of control and I finally had to do something about it. Probably not the best idea in the world considering the whole chest cold/sinus thing but ultimately worth it. Bailey was unimpressed with the vacuums (little one for the trim) so I rewarded his cowering patience with a long walk in the park. The weather is beautiful today and he’s been so anti-walks recently so he was having a ball. I hear it’s going to snow tomorrow and then be 53* later in the week. That’ll probably help the ‘being sick’ thing.

With my days this boring I’ve really got nothing to talk about, so I’ll cut it short today. Sorry, internet.

Photo: Graffiti in Montreal


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