Thursday 02.28.13


It’s almost 3pm and I’ve only been out of bed for an hour.
I almost never sleep this late, but the cold that I’ve been avoiding all season long has finally caught me. I woke up at my standard 9am with lungs full of pea soup and a generally crabby demeanor and pulled the covers over my head and dozed back off… until 1:45pm.

Obviously my body needed/needs the rest, but I feel like my day is wasted and despite knowing I needed the time in bed, I’ve added grumpy to my existing crabbiness. Part of it may also be that I finally finished GAME OF THRONES S1 & S2 in a two day clip and I know it’ll be a while before I get to see how it all works out. I went for over a decade without being a TV watcher, but these days as I become increasingly more boring, I’m finding that series television makes me happy. There’s a consistency to knowing that you’ll be watching a new episode next week. Granted I like to watch whole seasons at a time, but with Hulu+ and HBOGo, it’s been easier to pick things off week after week and not have to download and convert entire seasons for streaming.

The HBO is especially fun. I just got that set up thanks to Robert and Carmela- streaming from my iPhone to my AppleTV and the picture is nice and clean. I’m on my third AppleTV (bought and sold the first two because I didn’t like it, bought the third because of how easy they are to hack) and I find myself as geeked by the technology of it as I do the portability.

So yeah. A whole update not only about how much TV I’ve been watching, but marveling about the devices that make it possible. I bet you folks are glad you took the time out of your day to read this. Soon I’ll resort to telling you the funny things Bailey has been doing or the arts and crafts I’ve been working on and the transition into the most boring old woman in the world will be complete. Right around the time that I post that I’ve “rescued” a cat, I expect one of you to come and kill me. It’s ok… I’ll deserve it.

I think I’m going to head into work early and sit in the sauna for a bit. See if that clears out the lungs/sinuses. Can’t make it worse, I guess.

Photo: More Skull Stickers, Philadelphia


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