Saturday 02.23.13

I’m craving a road trip. Someplace just far enough away for it to be rad but not so far that I get grumpy and frustrated. I had talked about going to my beloved SOUTH OF THE BORDER this coming spring or early summer, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen now. I’ve got Vegas for APP and San Diego for Comic Con coming up over the summer, but I’d really like to get out of Philly soon, finances depending.

Which is probably not going to work, since the govt. zapped me with some back taxes that’s taking all of my available cash and then some to pay off. I thought I had gotten the withholding right, but apparently not. So I’m scrambling to pay off that debt, plus my monthly bills, plus everything else. I’m mostly stable financially, but when something unexpected comes along, it can take a bit of shuffling to accommodate it.

With that in mind, I’m considering getting an extra roommate. I’ve been doing the AirBnB thing for a while, but I’m thinking that I want something a little more stable; something that exposes me to less strangers but will still provide me with added income for the mortgage/utilities on top of what Megh contributes. It’s so difficult to find the right person; I’ve been lucky in the past. Robin was the best roommate ever, Claudia had her moments, Tom was great, Megh is rad…. so finding someone that fits into my weird routine and groove takes a little time. I tried Craigslist last May; that was an incredibly surreal experience. Regardless of how well worded, of how specific the ad is on there… people don’t read it.

AD: I don’t  allow cats.
Respondent: I know you said no cats, but you’ll LOVE Princess Whiskerbiskit!

AD: No smoking in the house.
Respondent: So if I use air freshener can I smoke in my room?

AD: The price quoted is for a single occupant. While your boyfriend/girlfriend/SO can VISIT, they can’t live here.
Respondent: My boyfriend and I were looking to move in in the next two weeks. Is it ok to bring our cat? He smokes cloves.

I’ve thrown out an offer to a friend, so we’ll see. I’d rather live with someone I know than start up that whole process again. I guess the next step would be to put a note up on my facebook account, or fetlife or something. Still try to keep it in the family, so to speak, lest we get weirdos bugging me and I scrap the whole thing. I only have so many more AirBnB visits in me; the whole scrambling to get the room ready, the backing and forthing of house rules/security code/wifi/etc gets old. It’s good money, but ultimately, it’s getting to the point where the juice isn’t necessarily worth the squeeze.

So much going on. Jesus.

Had a really fun time at the bar last night. We did double duty with an affiliate Leather Club celebrating their anniversary at the bar and a Long Underwear party. Great dichotomy- guys decked out in full leather mingling with folks in red Union Suits, white thermals… The surreality of my life isn’t lost on me. I posted this on Facebook the other day:

The surreality of where I work has long since worn off for me, but when you’re flirting with ladies who want to come meet you and you have to use words like “well, that night is jockstrap night” you shouldn’t be surprised when they’re suddenly busy.

It turns out that working in a gay bar doesn’t really do it for some ladies. You’d think the kinds of ladies who would flirt with me would be a more adventurous sort, but apparently OKCupid users are weirded out by gay bars and the fellas who work in them. I should really devote more time to the weird messages/experiences I have with OKC, but… hell.. anyone who’s used the site surely knows how strange it is, and it would just be more of the same. But if something particularly surreal comes along, maybe I’ll share it. Like the woman who said “Your loss, Faggot” when I told her I worked at a gay bar. Pure class!

Tomorrow night is Oscar Night, so I think we’re going to do an Oscars thing at the bar. Totally unofficial, but if you’re a local friend and you feel like coming out and watching the awards… let me know. I’ll pack some card games and get some snacks and we can pretend that we’re watching it at home. At my work, just like at my house…. you don’t have to wear pants.

Photo: Sticker, Philadelphia.


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