Monday 02.18.13

562994_10200379177949536_1836698173_nFor the most part, Bailey is a really well behaved dog. No leash problems, comes when called, goes into his bed when commanded and generally does his best to get my approval. He sleeps in his little bed right next to me (so I don’t roll over and break his little twiggy legs) without any resistance, but lately, almost every morning around 8am he wakes up, stretches and noses under the covers, spooning up beside me and falling back to sleep.

I’m not sure when that started, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite morning rituals. I’ve talked before about the transition of becoming “that guy” when it comes to Bails, so I won’t ramble on too much about it, but…. I like it. I have to remember not to roll around too much (it usually earns me a frightened pip) but otherwise it’s fine, a little extra warmth and added emotional connection to the little monster I share my house and life with.

Of course now that I’m actually awake, he’s back in his little bed, licking his leg flaps and being a creep. Checks and balances.
My only goal for today is to go to the gym and maybe do a little cleaning if I’m feeling saucy. The main two floors are nice and tidy (I had AirBnB guests this week) but my room and bathroom could really use straightening up/dusting/etc. Once I get back from the gym/grocery shopping I’ll work on excuses for what it’s not going to get done.

(several hours later)

Today was cardio day at the gym. I’ve been breaking it up in cycles; Arms and Legs one day, Back and Check the next, Abs and Core the next, but keeping up pretty regular cardio every day. Today I added a little extra to the routine since there was extra time, mixing it up with elliptical, jogging and stairs. I walked in and back, which added another five miles of cardio…  setting myself up for the bbq’d chicken’s breasts and greens that I’m going to have for dinner, once the thc cookie I ate earlier finally wears off. I’m kind of spacey right now, in a pleasant way, and not unaware of the dichotomy of working to eat local, organic meat and produce, working out and all that and then eating a pot cookie. But hey, at least it was vegan.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my night. I had a date who wanted to come over, but I was so/so on company so that’s in a holding pattern right now. I was thinking about going to the movies, but since I went yesterday and am going tomorrow, it seems like overkill. I’m in my standard ‘deciding not to decide’ mode that will probably have me on the couch all night, happy to be alone (furry company excluded) and just enjoying the boringness of my life.

Photo: NYC door art


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