Tuesday 02.05.13

600603_10200333647891313_1867136498_nNatalie and I made a quick day-trip down to DC yesterday for a little tattoo time with my friend Chad, finally finishing up the large panther/Christ/Visnu on my stomach. Twenty-three years getting tattooed, and they still hurt. All things considered though it wasn’t too terrible and it’s great to finally have it done. Chad did a really rad job with the tattoo, and it was really great to catch up with him. Toys, travel, life… all that stuff.

We were going to do a little touristing, but with the freshly tattooed stomach and the 31* weather… it didn’t make for great walkin’ around conditions. We headed home right after the appointment and I promptly fell asleep. Mr. Excitement. I was back asleep by 11pm. I had overdone it the last two days with very little sleeping, so that + the road trip + tattooing just wore me out.

I’m getting to a point where I have less and less open space for large tattoos; David has my ribs almost finished (save for a Imagebackground) and Chad finished up my stomach, so that just leaves the back of my left thigh and my butt cheeks for bigger pieces. The rest will just be little fill in work, which will be rad. Be able to walk out of an appointment 30 minutes later will be a welcome change from the six, seven hour sittings I’ve been doing lately.  It’s odd; I’ve been working towards this for twenty plus years and now that I’m getting ever closer, it’s weird to think that I won’t be getting tattooed for much longer. It’s exciting but also a little bit of a bummer. There are so many amazing tattooers out there doing killer work, and seeing the work that’s coming out from all of the corners of the world is inspiring. But now that I only have a little bit of space left, I have to think a lot harder about what’s next. I wish I would have found Robert Ryan sooner, for sure. His stuff really clicks with me, and a lot of the work I have left will likely be done by him. A little bit more from my good friend David, a piece by Jacob Des, maybe one more from Rick Lohm… so much to think about.

Speaking of, the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention is this weekend. I’m going to have so many good friends in town; it’s going to be amazing. Back in the old ‘bme days’ we used to travel so much; a party in Canada or Mexico, drive to Ohio, drive to Pittsfield… seeing our loved ones was something I think we all took for granted. Now we’re all older, have more responsibilities, etc. and the visits are fewer and farther between. Jenna and V, David, Wayde, Rick, Philip and Allie.. having them all in town is going to be such a treat. I don’t see myself getting a lot of sleep, but it’ll be worth it.

Good times.

Photos: Main- Panther by Koeplinger. 
Inset: Lovecraft Acolyte and best friend tattoo by Bruehl. 


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