Saturday 02.02.13

602888_10200259029785907_824080715_nThe great gray beast February had eaten Harvey Swick alive. Here he was, buried in the belly of that smothering month, wondering if he would ever find his way out through the cold coils that lay between here and Easter.

It’s the second day of February, and I’m sitting in bed with my hound, watching Ferris Bueller and planning out the rest of my day. I don’t have to be into the bar until seven pm, and I want to get some gym time in beforehand, but I’m not really sure if I have time for anything else, or if I should just stay cuddled up with Bailey until it’s time to bike out.

Biking in February, both days so far, has been an icy proposition. I’m too bullheaded to take a cab, so I’ve been trying to layer up, sally forth, and get home as quickly and safely as possible. The winds haven’t really been cooperative either, knocking my bike into cars and making me feel like I’m pushing through mud-uphill-with a giant chimpanzee sitting on my shoulders, making the rides to and from the bar exactly zero fun.

But fun is where you make it, and I’ve officially bought my plane tickets to California for the San Diego Comic Con. It’s going to be rad. Pushead, friends, travel and most of all… adventure. I don’t know if that means I’m NOT going to APP this year or if I just have to hope that we have a good run of AirBnB guests over the spring so I can restore my travel budget. APP is great, but when you take the same vacation every year, it’s not exactly an adventure anymore. I know that on the first night I’ll have Bellagio Buffet. I know that my friends and I will stay up until six am talking every night, that I’ll go see Penn and Teller, that I’ll make ‘Junkie Jim’ jokes. It’s formulaic and I never want my holidays to become routine. I know that I’ll miss my friends if I don’t go, some folks I only see once a year, so… something to ponder.

Speaking of Adventure…. I just got an email from the tattooer who’s working on my stomach  (Chad Koeplinger) that he can get me in to finish it on Monday. I’m excited to see this one done; we started it in 2011 and haven’t worked on it since then. My body has gone through so many changes since then and my stomach is still something that I’m trying to work on, so ‘prettying it up’ will be a nice self esteem boost.

542496_10200276890912424_1224199199_nI need to make another ‘health and fitness’ post here soon; my routine has really evolved in the last few weeks from just cardio/fatburn to muscle and body development. It’s affected my workouts, my dietary intake, etc and it’s really interesting watching the changes. I always had so many excuses when I was a bigger dude as to why I couldn’t get healthier, most of which was the above mentioned  bullheadedness: I LIKE being a bigger dude. I like food. I like excess, etc. I don’t have any regrets and who I used to live and I still enjoy food and the occasional excess, but there’s a balance now that I didn’t have before and I really appreciate it. I mainly stick to low fat, high protein meat, cruciferous and leafy greens and low cal/high protein snacks, but… if I feel like hitting up Old Country Buffet for the breakfast sitting like we’re planning to do tomorrow- I do. There’s not a lot of denying what I want- it’s just that what I want has changed and the change is for the better.

My current life is foreign to me sometimes. I’m doing things I never thought I’d be capable of. Blame Amazon, blame mooching, blame whatever instead of blaming myself for the shortcomings in my life. That’s a thing of the past. Accept personal responsibility, set boundaries and goals, keep a PMA and make life happen instead of waiting for it to. I think I’ll take it.

Photo: Green Door, Philadelphia
Quote: The Thief of Always, Clive Barker


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