Thursday 01.24.13


It’s late and I can’t sleep.
Lately the insomnia has been creeping back into my routine. I’m not really sure why save for the occasional over thinking. I’ve upped my cardio at the gym and have really been working on toning, so maybe it’s just increased hormones? I’m not really sure. All I know is that I have to be up in a few hours and I’m going to be miserable when the alarm rings.

I had a really trying day today, the highlight of which was a USPS clerk accusing me of recording her (after she admitted that the post office had lost the second package I was expecting in under 24 hours) and demanding I leave the post office. Her proof of me recording her was the Morrissey wallpaper on my phone. It has a microphone. So I’m left with two items ‘lost’ at the 9th and Dickinson Post Office, and them basically telling me to fuck off. Cheers. I put a call in to the Department of Consumer Affairs, but that’s like complaining to the cops ABOUT the cops… like takes care of like. I guess I have to write off the packages (around $240) and just hope that they get returned to sender, and that the sender returns them to me via UPS. That’s how bad it’s gotten- that I’m considering a $400/year UPS mail box to avoid the USPS.

Luckily I had Natalie to calm me down via Facetime. I’m very lucky to be dating her. She just let me rant and complain and whine and sat there smiling until I finished. Didn’t try to smooth it over or offer suggestions, just agreed that yes, the Post Office IS the closest thing to pure evil the world has ever known, and that I’m right in hating them. It’s the little things- chatting with my gal, eating the rabbit stew I let slow cook all day, the botched attempt at brownies…

I also had a really amazing chat with my old friend Squeeker (also called Noni, Oni and Naomi) very late into the night that put a lot of my current ‘life stuff’ in perspective. Squeeks is one of those amazing friends that I don’t talk to nearly enough and whom I see even less. We’ve agreed that it’s totally unacceptable, so we’re going to make an effort to to both more frequently. She’s been there with me through some amazing times; good and bad, and is always there for me without judgement. I can only hope she can say the same about me. I’m very lucky to have the friends I have.

Speaking of friends- Big friend-fest coming up soon! The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts convention is the first weekend in February and I’m going to have a full house. Denim Dan is finally coming to visit as is my Boston hostess V (I hope she brings creepy walking cat!) as well as my friend Wayde (who’s no stranger to my house) and possibly my adopted brother Bruehl. Oh! And Peppermill! It’s going to make for a full house but I’m going to be geeked to have so many people that I love under one roof. As Big Red says- Blood is thicker than water. But he says it with a cool accent that makes it sound mystical and profound. Imagine it with a didgeridoo playing in the background. Crikey!

The convention itself… I’ll go. Make a pass or two. Take some pics for OV. Bitch, complain and then go back the next day. It’s a routine, but everyone knows that I love routine.

When I have more time remind me to go into the whole court/custody thing. As much as I try to remove drama from my life, exes always have to swoop in and add a little to the mix. Such a comedy gold mine. Blargh. I still need to forward the paperwork over to my lawyer- not that I’ve actually been subpoenaed, but there are still the huffing and puffing bench warrant threats. So surreal.

Anyhoo. Even if I can’t sleep, I’m going to log off, turn out the lights, put on my white noise dealie and just listen to some static for a while. I can’t can’t get into the habit of rewarding myself for not sleeping with fun internet chicanery.

Sleep well, internet!

Photo: Custom Astro Pirate painted by Hellopike (Phil).


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