Friday 01.18.13

399981_10200106668696975_1072905172_nDear Diary;
I haven’t neglected you on purpose, I swear. It’s been a busy week, and I’ve just now allocated time to sit down and type up a quick update. I’ve recovered from the Florida visit; dietarily back on track (that Jimbo’s was amazing me, but lord the calories) and my tattoo is almost totally healed. Went back to therapy yesterday for the first time in three weeks- it was great. One of those days where it really lines up and I realize why it’s important for me to keep going. Cynthia didn’t just listen to me speak and ask me ‘how did that make you feel’-she got in there with me and gave me advice and really helped me solidify my thoughts; changes that I need to make that are painful but still needed to be made.

It’s left my life really chaotic for a moment, but in the long run, being honest is the most important thing I can be, even when it’s painful. Honest to my loved ones, honest to myself. I spent years being a selfish dick and it’s something I’m doing my best to work through. Days like yesterday remind me of how far I’ve come since I started therapy, and how much work it takes to be a good person.

I promise a longer update soon; I have a lot on my mind but not a lot of time to write it all down. Until then…

Photo: Om. 



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