Wednesday 12.19.12


Tuesday was weird.
I woke up to Natalie kissing me goodbye (sleepovers are fun, but there’s always work to get to) and to a rainy, gray day, but by the time I biked to the gym it was almost sixty degrees fahrenheit and sunny. Sometime during my workout, which was a short one today, it turned back to gray and rainy.  By the time I biked home it was sunny again and despite getting wet from the rained on streets… I managed to comfortably bike home in shorts and a tshirt. In December. So weird.

These weird warm days are welcomed; I usually love the cold weather, but for biking and Bailey the unseasonably good weather  has been been aces. He was prancing around in just his collar today; no jammies or jacket for his afternoon walk; lately he’s been pulling back towards the house as soon as he does his business but today he was all about taking his time and enjoying the day.

Since I last updated I’ve spent a few consecutive days with Natalie; I finally got to cook for her-t it came out perfect and my reputation as a serviceable cook remained intact. It’s been so long since I’ve cooked for anyone. I’ve missed it; the social aspect of cooking and eating is a major part of why I ‘used’ to be a foodie and having no one to cook for has kind of sucked. That she liked it made me really happy and I’m looking forward to making (healthy!) dinners with her again, soon.

Speaking of healthy…  kind of nerdy moment here, but I finally hit a consistent 9 minute mile today. Three miles in 27.5 minutes. I’ve taken it down from 13 minutes over the last few weeks but have been struggling to get it under 10 for more than two miles. Today I finally managed to keep it even mile after mile and my goal is to be able to do the same for five miles. That may take a while, but it’s great to have something to aim for and with the Warrior Dash thingie in May I have a lot of preparing to do. Going to be a tough road, but I’m loving it.

The rest of Tuesday, post warm weather bike ride, was spent with Mara. She’s heading to Syracuse soon for the Holidays and then Paris for a school thing, so we figured it was best to get some time in before she was out of the state and country. We didn’t do much, really- Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, watching movies and eating, but it was nice to spend time with her despite both of us half falling asleep all night. I’m old and she’s overworked. But dinner was tasty (Penang Curry again. I still had shrimp and keffir and coconut milk) and we watched TRON LEGACY so I consider the evening a success.

After dropping her off at home I stopped by to lend my car to Erin and Shaun and got ‘loved up’ by Elvis. It was sort of like when Bailey sits on my lap, but with the additional 60 lbs or so. I’m still picking white hairs off my clothes, but it’s worth it for Elvis to want to like me, so…

Hopefully I’ll have an actual Wednesday update later on today that actually has a recap of my.. Wednesday.

I’m boring.

Photo: NYC Street Art


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