Tuesday 12.11.12


I usually end up writing these updates late at night; when the world is sleeping around me and I’m unwinding after work. Today finds me up early- 8am with Bailey noodling at my side and the sounds of an awake Philadelphia coming in through my open window.

Open because it was so warm out yesterday that my house was humid. This weird December weather is… weird. Unexpected. Hard to plan around. But I’ll take it for the time being; biking in weird warmish humid weather is so much easier than biking in the freezing cold or the snow.

I’ve spent the last few days with Natalie. Our first ‘sleep over’. It’s all so exciting, the whole getting to know you phase of a new friendship; and Natalie is a naturally curious person so it makes things a lot more fun. Laying back and relaxing, watching a movie and out of nowhere she’ll ask a random- and I mean totally random- question; the kind that you have to think about and it leads in to a great conversation. I really enjoy spending time with her, and I know that I’m going to talk Erin’s ear off about her tonight, so I’ll give you folks a break for the time being and just say that I’m pretty happy right now.

I still need to check movie times for tonight and see what Erin and I are going to go see. We were going to do a Batman triple feature in addition to this week’s movie night, but there was a leak at the Overground and the screen was stained; really not sure of the future of the theater and it’s causing me more stress than I’d like to admit. It’s always movies, movies, movies with me, I guess.

Today is going to be a catchup day at the gym. I’m trying to get motivated to get up and out of bed since I’m not usually up this early- get an early visit in to the gym, maybe catch a movie before movie night (see?) and then go for a second round before I meet up with Erin. The weather is going to be slightly cooler, but warm enough to walk Bailey in with me and get him some exercise too. He’s gained a little weight over the last few months with me spoiling him, but I’ve got him off of wet food (it’s done WONDERS for his breath, too) and with the weather nicer I’ve been extending his 10 min walks to 30 min walks when possible. Left on his own devices he sleeps most of the day so breaking up his routine and getting his lazy butt out for a walk is always a good thing. It also makes me appreciate my trip into the gym a little more- on my bike it’s eight breakneck minutes. With Bails on foot- it’s thirty plus since he has to sniff everything, meet everyone and generally lollygag the entire way there. It’s a great pace-changer.

Ok. Less typing more getting out of bed. Catch you later, Internet.

Photo: Fortune favors the fool. 


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