Saturday 12.08.12

photo copy

Friday night wore me out.

The Cupcakes and Beer event was incredibly well attended on the main floor, and we had the Cut and Paste event on the top floor. Four floor nights always take their toll; lots of being on the wrong floor when I’m needed so the up the stairs/down the stairs sprints are more frequent than usual. By the end of a shift like this I’m feeling all of my thirty eight years for sure; I tend not to remember that I’m actually old until my body decides to remind me. It’s always humbling when you realize that you’re not a teenager anymore, despite acting like one.

15965_4848084607482_456945112_nLuckily I didn’t do a damned fool think like getting up super early on Saturday, right?  Of course I did! My friend Rachel was in town, and every time she comes to Philly she makes sure to budget some time to visit, so it was absolutely worth the grogginess to get up, get moving and get to Mugshots to spend a little time with her. I love her visits. I’m going to return the favor and go visit her in Baltimore in 2013; I haven’t been down there in years and it would be nice to see her favorite spots; everything I know about Baltimore I learned from John Waters movies, so I hope that everything is just like the magical world he portrays in his films. Something makes me think I won’t be disappointed. Aaron joined us (strangely, I just realized he didn’t eat or drink anything. weird) for a bit and eventually we took our ‘obligatory pictures’, did our hugs and headed our separate ways.

Work was pretty taxing. My knee was giving me problems; pulled or twisted something last night and it just sort of haunted me the rest of the night. Of course I forgot advil or a muscle relaxer, so I just paced myself a little slower and hoped for the best. There was a bit of swelling, but as I write this (Sunday morning) it’s all gone down. I took it easy on the bike ride home last night, and I think I’m going to take a day off from the gym today and just let it mend.

Photo: Pushead Bullseye (red) Inset: Glittermonkey and I. 


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