Friday 12.07.12


This is why I love my job.
It’s just a little before 4am and I just got home from work. I was there for a little over 12 hours today, not bad considering. I biked home in the rain. I have to be up again in a few hours, and despite it all- the sore muscles, the wet clothes in the hamper and the incredibly long work day… I love my job.

Today we had a fund raiser hosted by the case workers of the Mazzoni Center; a beer and cupcakes event that earned them much needed funds to buy winter clothing and toys for local kids affected by HIV/AIDS. They came loaded for bear (heh) with a compliment of traditional baked goods as well as more exotic fare like ‘Anatomically Semi Correct Vagina Gingerbread cookies’ and various penis shaped edibles. It’s all tongue in cheek, but at the end of the day they bust their asses to make sure that kids who have it rough have a little bit of comfort over the Christmas season. Warm clothes and a few toys are so easily taken for granted, but for these kids it’s going to make a huge impact.

On a personal level, the Mazzoni Center has been an amazingly positive force in my life over the last seven months. When I got to a point where I thought I couldn’t keep it together, I reached out to my friend Ryan (who’s one of the case managers who organized the Cupcake event) and told him I needed help. That was hard for me; I’m not really someone who’s comfortable with emotion (go logic, go!) but things had gotten so bad that I had to. Ryan helped me get into therapy, and I’ve been seeing Cynthia now for about seven months.

I really am a better person because of it, so anything I can do to raise money to help the charity out; I’m game. We ended up having a blast, raising a bunch of cash and even making dietary exceptions so I could try out the amazing baked goods. Dang good night.

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 2.37.49 PMI also managed to steal a little time with Erin to go to Hot Diggity for dinner. Reindeer Hotdog and Poutine. Erin recently converted to being an omnivore; this was the first time she’s been able to have the poutine (veal gravy) which she seemed to enjoy.The reindeer hotdog was stellar- the garnish was rum soaked pears, sauerkraut with bacon and a surprisingly delicious pepper relish.I love when they have specials on the menu. Some of the hotdogs they come up with are super inventive; a chef driven fast food place with items made in house is kind of nice, as is spending time with Erin. It’s nice seeing her outside of movie night.

She walked me back to the bar like a proper lady should, which gave me time to bend her ear about how things are going with Natalie, with therapy, with my travel plans… it was like movie night without seeing a film. If we keep this up, I may end up with a social life after all.


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