Thursday 12.06.12


Oh. Hi there, Internet.
I’ve missed you. The charger for my MacBook died, and I’m way too lazy to do diary updates on my iPhone or iPad or other Steve Jobs approved device. But I’m back, with a few days worth of my uncluttered life to fill you in on, so sit back, make a cup of tea or something and soak in the boredom.

I didn’t really mention how my date went on Monday in my last entry. Wasn’t for lack of an amazing time, that’s for sure. The weather was perfect. High 60s, low 70s in December; you just can’t waste a day like that. Natalie and I met up at the Art Museum and sat on the steps enjoying each other’s company, the amazing weather and the container of grapes/piece of cheese I bought for snacking. We had planned to walk around Fairmount Park, but before we knew it we had been sitting there for a few hours and decided to head back to South Philly and have lunch together at Cantina. She’s pretty amazing and I find myself wanting to spend more and more time with her. Not rushing anything, not putting labels or classification on it. Just she and I spending time together, getting to know each other and seeing where it goes.

We ended up watching bad movies into the wee hours of the morning and said our goodbyes. We already have date five scheduled (she left and came back on date 3, so I’m calling the second half of the evening date four) for this weekend.

I’m pretty happy about all of this.

Tuesday I made the most of another beautiful day and and spent as much time as possible outdoors. The warm weather was a blessing; as someone who spends most of his time outside on a bicycle I’m already dreading the super cold times that we have ahead. Erin and I had our normal Tuesday Movie Night; this week was Ang Lee’s LIFE OF PI. It was good. Not amazing, not terrible. It was very visually striking and for once I actually wished I would have justified a 3D screening.

Wednesday was a Weirdos reunion; my old housemate Tom suggested reuniting the Weirdos Supper Club and he, Angela, Perk and I met up at Fogo de Chao and told ‘touchdown stories’ from the old days over an orgy of meat. I’d use the word ‘offensive’ when it comes to how much we ate, but it was so damned good that I had no regrets. Every time the old Weirdos get together and tell stories it reminds me of just how crazy our ‘bme years’ used to be and how people that didn’t share that time with us will never really get it. We don’t see each other as much as we used to, and we’re all at much more stable places in our lives, but man, those were the days. Our touchdown stories border on epic, so it’s much better than the standard ‘back in high school I fangered the prom queen’ recollections of other folks our age.

I left with the feeling of ‘we should do this more often’ but know that it probably won’t happen as often as often as most of us would like.

Today was therapy day. Not a really big day for revelations, but still productive.

So that’s it, Internet.
More than my normal dose of boring; good date with the lovely Natalie, dinner with the Weirdos…. good times, for sure.

Photo: Street Wisdom


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