Sunday 11.25.12

Despite running on empty last night, I found myself unable to easily get to sleep when I finally got home.
First time in a while that I’ve had to deal with insomnia. Eventually I dozed off, and thanks to sleeping later than normal I still got my now standard five hours, but it was troubling none the less. I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday and I ended up feeling out of it for the rest of the day. I think I’ve gotten my metabolism to a point where inactivity is really bad for me; when I haven’t worked out I ended up feeling more drained than when I have. I made up for it today with a pretty rough upper body workout (but ran out of time for cardio- I’ll have to double down tomorrow) and I already feel energized- hope that it translates to a better night.

I’ve been a busy bee planning the trips for late 2012 and early 2013- Other than Boston and Florida I’ve added a last minute trip out west that I’m going to keep mum on for now; at least until the tickets have been purchased. Every year I go to Vegas for the APP Conference, but I’m just not sure I’m going in 2013. I’ll probably relent last minute- the chance to see all of my friends in one spot is too hard to pass up on- but for right now I’m planning on a trip that will be a lot of fun and I’ll still get to see some folks I haven’t seen in way too long. So. Yeah. Travel bug. I can do most of these trips on a pretty tight budget, so it’s just a matter of allowing myself to do them. My friends Anna and Dianna (total coincidence) are really good with Bailey, so I don’t feel that guilt that I used to get for leaving him alone for a few days.

I used to travel so damned much. Then codependency and budgeting (the word mooch used to come up a lot) got the better of me. Now I’m a ‘single parent’ and I used that as an excuse not to go anywhere, but like I said before, Bailey has great sitters and for some of the trips… he can come with me. As such, 2013 is going to be all about little inexpensive trips. When I went to DC a few weeks ago it reminded me that despite having down there a few times to get tattooed, I’d never really spent any time seeing the city itself. The same can be said about when I go up to Electric in Bradley Beach; I go up there, get tattooed and leave. Never really got a chance to sit down and have a meal or tourist in Asbury Park. So some of the places I’ve ‘been’ to, I’ve never really been.

I can say for sure that when the weather gets nice- Spring- I’ll be making a road trip to my beloved North Carolina. I used to just randomly drive there. Get in the car on my three days off and just drive south. Sometimes I’d just make it over the state line and have dinner then not go much further. Others I’d drive until South of the Border and just wander around. I can’t really explain the draw; just really love the state. I lived there in my teens and always saw myself ending up back there at some point. It suits my personality. I know it’s the smarmy intellectual NPR standard to make fun of the ‘red states’ and their citizens, but I always found the Carolinas to be populated with really laid back, really polite people who have a much more friendly way of life. Can’t say for sure if I’ll really end up living there or not, but… It’s my little retirement fantasy. So come spring… there’ll be a South of the Border roadtrip and my car holds five comfortably. Sign up now!

Photo: Wise Men, Italian Market


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