Friday 11.23.12

It’s already Saturday and I’m writing a diary dated Friday detailing what I did on Thursday. It’s my life and even I’m a little confused right now. I’ll do my best to keep things as clear as possible.

Thanksgiving was great. Dinner this year was at my brother in law Biaggio’s place and he nailed it with the turkey. I’ve never had turkey that good; not particularly fond of the bird normally but he got it just right. I can’t really think of a time where I had seconds of turkey before, but I was skipping other food to make sure I could fit more turkey in my belly. Such a good time. My friend Mara joined us for dinner, and there were four dozen French Macarons, so…. really… what more could I ask for out of a Thanksgiving Dinner than to eat amazing food and to be around people that I love.

After dinner I biked into work to be there for folks who just needed a little post Thanksgiving Dinner decompression time. Nights like that are never really profitable, but they’re always fun. You become the ‘place everyone goes’ so you only have people out and about that are having a good time. It’s a good position to be in. We played some movies, served some drinks and talked some smack. The night sped by and before we knew it, it was over. I was glad to be able to spend my holiday having so much fun.

Black Friday.
I had never really gotten to do Black Friday shopping before leaving Amazon. Even before they started forcing us to work on Thanksgiving it was a given that we’d work Black Friday. After leaving a few years ago I still didn’t really make the most of a day who’s sole purpose is to spend money as gluttonously as you ate the day before. This year I went ALL. OUT. I went to Target and got ready for war. Here’s a list of the doorbusters I was willing to break heads over:

  1. Laundry Detergent. (Hypoallergenic)
  2. Fabric Softener Sheets. (Hypoallergenic)
  3. Vitamin C fizzies. (Raspberry)
  4. Cliff Bars. (Coconut)
  5. Blu Ray DVDs for $4. (Kill Bill 1 & 2 despite having them on dvd, Where the Wild Things Are)
  6. A black tshirt. (Accidentally got a V Neck. Refuse to return a $4 shirt)
  7. Febreze Scent Diffuser Refills

Living like a ROCK STAR man. People were in there stocking up on crap. Carts full of things they won’t care about in a month. It’s not that I’m against spending large amounts of money on things people might consider trivial, but… love what you buy. If you’re going to drop a bunch of money- Like I do on Swatches or Pushead toys- LOVE what you buy. Don’t buy it out of obligation because there’s a ‘shopping holiday’ like Black Friday that ties into a shopping holiday like Christmas. Don’t be a sucker.

The strange thing is the store wasn’t really that busy. I was dreading going in, but when I got there it was a few people buying a lot of stuff, not a lot of people buying everything. Maybe it’s because I went later in the day. Who knows. Same situation with the Post Office. I had to go in to drop off an OV shirt and I was literally the only person in the building other than the lone employee they had scheduled to work.

Totally not what I expected.

Photo: Hitchhiker. 


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