Tuesday 11.20.12

I don’t really handle being sick with anything remotely like grace or dignity.
I’m hiding under my comforter, wearing a giant oversized hoodie and watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles while I calmly accept that by the end of the night, I’ll probably be dead from this horrible cold. That or I’ll just go see Twilight, which is pretty much the same thing.

Yesterday I was worse off than today. I had planned to go play nurse to my friend Jess who’s also feeling poorly, but after grabbing lunch with my friend Carole I ended up feeling worn out and went home for a nap. When I woke up I knew that I couldn’t make the West Chester drive; for fear of reinfecting Jess with whatever strain of ick that I have as well as feeling like a zombie. Of course it only made me feel worse that I couldn’t get out there and fuss over her; when I’m sick (and dying. Like now) all I want is to be fussed over and my plan was to make sure she was feeling the same. Yet another casualty of my cold.

I eventually got cabin fever and decided to layer up and head into center city to see Lincoln. Having recently spent time at the Lincoln Monument in DC and having a giant Honest Abe tattoo sort of clues you in that I’m a big fan of the Great Emancipator. I’m also a big fan of Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis. The film was perfect. Very much worth leaving the sick house for. Seriously one of the best screenplays this year; which makes sense when you find out that it was written by Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner (Angels in America and the screenplay for Munich). Daniel Day Lewis is, as usual, impossible to take your eyes off of, and every time he told a story (parable, really) I’d find myself captivated. Spielberg gets a lot of grief for making ‘oscar bait’ movies, but.. .when you get that screenwriter and that cast and that subject matter- it’s difficult not to make a slam dunk. Hell, it even has James Spader in it as one of the oiliest lobbyists in the history of cinema, albeit one who’s on the right side of history.

I hung out at the bar with Robert and Mike until closing, (hopefully not infecting anyone with my death rays) trying to plan out what I’m going to make for Thanksgiving Dinner. I’m fairly sure we settled on Deviled Eggs. Robert and Carm scored us four dozen maracons, which are going to be my huge caloric splurge for Thanksgiving other than the deviled eggs. And mashed potatoes. And stuffing. And pie.

Photos: Wall Art in Asbury Park. Inset: Lincoln Statue DC. 


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