Saturday 11.17.12

I fell asleep last night watching Doctor Detroit (for the record, I’m changing my name to ‘Smooth Walker’) and with Bailey Papers at my side in his little bed covered in his blanket. I woke up this morning with one sock on and Bailey licking my hair. The sliding scale of ‘wild nights’ when you’re as boring as I am is impressive.

Today I might go totally wild and go buy a few shirts; now that I’m at a stable size I can safely make the investment of a few more mediums shirts. I’ve got a drawer full of larges that are too big, which I need to backfill with mediums so I don’t have to keep doing small loads of laundry for loads so small. I apologize that you fine folks who are taking time out of your day to read this and the most exciting things I can offer are trips to the mall and my smelly breathed dog licking my hair. I can’t really promise it’s going to get more interesting, so proceed at your own risk.

Once I finally got out of bed, the hairlicker and I played for a bit; he’s usually only good for about five minutes of rascalism, but today he was on a roll. Flying around the room and barking and bringing me the StinkyLamb to throw so he can fetch it…. I love when he acts like a ‘dog’ and not the sleepy old stoner he’s usually channeling. We went for an extra long walk before I finally headed in to the gym.

I failed miserably at getting the medium shirts I needed- the Old Navy in Center City had one black medium shirt. One. In the whole store. Sure they had about 1000 Vnecks, but I just can’t go down that road.

I was going to go to the Gap, but Old Navy had a sale, and it’s the same company,,, but it didn’t really work out well for me. Since things were on sale, I picked up two shirts and some socks, but that still leaves my shirt drawer pretty empty. Maybe I’ll have better luck at the South Philly location.

Wow. This is literally how boring my life is.

The rest of the pre-work day was fine. Erin came to visit me at the bar and made me try shirts on and then we biked home together. I met the AirBnB guest that’s been staying in the guest room. He said that the new bed is really comfortable, so that’s a plus. We did the getting to know you thing before I finally had to bike to work. The best part about being a host, other than the obvious income, is getting to shoot the breeze with folks. Find out where they come from, what they do, little abridged life stories being traded. Any reservations I’ve had about hosting have slowly gone away.

Now I’m at work. Psyching up for Saturday night, thinking a lot about the Christmas/New Years roadtrips and being happy. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Photo: Weasel!


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