Thursday 11.15.12

The last few days I’ve been behind on everything.
The bed situation kept evolving, what started out as frustrating ended up being costly and obnoxious. I swore my mattress was a full, but it apparently wasn’t. So once the broken piece was replaced and the bed put together, I was thwarted from laying down the mattress because it was a few inches too long. I had to make the choice between disassembling the frame, bringing it back to Ikea and swapping it out, then doing a rebuild… or just going and buying a new mattress. Which was something I was going to do anyway in the near future so in the end it was just easier to buy the mattress now and finish the setup.

Then there was the drama of disposing of the mattress. The whole thing monopolized two of my three days off. But at least it’s done and all I have to worry about is painting and decorating the room as time and finances permit. The new bed already makes things nicer, so with a few more touches the room will be much more cozy. As more AirBnB guests stay there it’ll be financially more feasible to have their fees pay for redoing the room. I like the flow of it.

Erin and I had a rare Wednesday night movie night- we both got passes to the preview screening of ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ at the Riverview. It was good. Not great, but.. decent. The film was shot here in Philly, so every time they’d show a landmark- which was often- the woman behind me would not so quietly say “oh, that’s Jewelers Row! that’s JEWELERS ROW!’ or whatever. It seemed to always take her by surprise that the movie shot in our city featured… our city. It was a free movie, there were only about 15 people there and she wasn’t too disruptive, so… patience.

I’ve been working on Christmas and New Years plans the last few days. For the first time in about 12 years, I’m totally off for  both holidays. That’s mindblowing for me. So I’m trying to do something really fun and not just sit around the house watching movies.

That means theres a potential for a roadtrip on one or both Holidays. I’m thinking Boston. I’ve been meaning to go and it’s in the ‘not too bad a drive’ distance of five or so hours. But North Carolina is also on the plate. A lot longer drive, for sure, but I haven’t been in way too long and I think if I powered through the drive as soon as I got off work on Sunday night (again, either holiday) it wouldn’t be terrible and I’d be in the Carolinas before evening on Monday. Just running ideas around- not married to any particular destination so feel free to suggest something.

Photo: Sticker. Stay Weird. 


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