Saturday 11.10.12

Nine years ago today I met my nephew for the first time. He was only a few minutes old and so tiny; when Robert handed him to me to hold I was terrified that I was going to break him or drop him, but when I looked down at him I knew that I’d always do my best to be there holding him up when he needed me. I’ve watched him grow into a sweet, smart, sensitive boy who puts the needs of others in front of his own and who at a fresh nine years of age has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars Universe. Today we went to Dave and Busters to celebrate his birthday. Predictably he was showered with Star Wars gifts, so he was having a great day. I went outside of the Force and gave him the movie camera I mentioned a few posts ago. He loved it. Later on in the day we had a little talk about how to ‘make movies’ and I was thrilled that he was asking questions and loved his present. I look forward to seeing who he becomes as an adult.

I also got to spend a little time shooting the nerdy breeze with one of my toy buddies today. He had hooked me up with a new Pushead piece and drove down from the ‘burbs to drop it off and check out the newer pieces I’ve gotten since his last visit. We spent a few hours being nerdy manchildren, talking toys and travel and life. Really good times. After the Pushead event a few weeks ago I had promised to try to spend some more time with the ‘Standup Guys’ and this was a great start. Now I just have to get up to Boston and nerd out with Pat and Ed. Good damned times.

The rest of the night was a ballbuster.
We hosted parties for the Philadelphia Leather Pride Weekend last night and tonight and the bar was packed. Both nights we opened the top floor, so there was a lot of running up and down a lot of stairs. Great little cardio workout just showing up for my shifts! The vibe was amazing and even though I ended up taking on a doorman trainee on a super busy four floor night, everything went off without a hitch. I kept the flow going, flirted with a young lady who was worried that no one would flirt with her, served drinks and made sure everyone had a great time. The differences between the bar and Amazon are night and day. When things get chaotic at the bar, it tends to mean that you’re probably going to be having more fun, not less. At Amazon when things would get stressful you’d end up having some socially maladjusted douche like PALY or Jenna freaking out, making all the wrong calls and adding exponential stress to you life. That I can be a better leader than the people I suffered under for so long makes me happy, and proud of the dynamic we’re fostering with our staff. Amazon’s motto was ‘work hard, have fun, make history’… but there was really no fun being had. At the bar- we’ve got the fun covered, we work smart not hard and given that we just celebrated our 30th anniversary- I think we have the history part locked down. Like I said- night and day.

The night ended with a charmingly surreal little situation upstairs that is probably best left out of this update. Jake J. takes care of me, that’s for sure.

Photo: Pushead Skull Captain


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