Thursday 11.08.12

Thursday is the longest day of my week.
Today was a little longer than most of my long days since I left my bike at the bar and had to resort to the evils of SEPTA to make it in on time and any time you have to deal with SEPTA is guaranteed to be more trouble than it’s worth. My alarm woke me up at 8am and I’ve been going every since. Therapy, inventory management at work, helping Carmela move around speakers for the upstairs Dancefloor/Overground Cinema, walking to get a haircut, forgetting my credit card and walking back to the bar to grab cash, back to the barbershop, back to the bar, bike back to South Philly, bike back to the bar and then start work. It makes for a very worn out me.

At least I got a decent haircut. It’s been months and I was feeling really shaggy and disheveled, so a good haircut really adds to my overall self esteem. It’s not as good as when my beloved Gitch cuts my hair, but if I can’t have her I guess it’ll have to do. I’m still torn on whether or not to grow my traditional ‘winter beard’ this season. I’ve yet to trim since Halloween, and the normal routine for winterbeard is to not shave/trim from 10.31 to 2.14.  I have a feeling that this winter is going to be a ballbuster; snowing this early in November is a bad sign for things to come and having a big ol beard might help keep me a little warmer during my bike commutes. On the other side I’m just not sure I want to do it. It was sort of a tradition at Amazon for me to grow it during our busy months and I’ve carried it over since I severed my relationship with them. I don’t know. Right now I’ll just be slothful and see where it goes.

Photo: Obligatory Myspace Mirror Photo on New Haircut Day. 


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