Wednesday 11.07.12

It’s only the first week of November and already we’re getting snow. It’s not a lot of snow, and it’s not accumulating here in South Philadelphia, but it’s snow. That’s exciting and worrisome. I love it when it snows; I have this weird Southern awe of snow that comes from growing up in what was effectively a swamp and only seeing snow on vacations. So when it first starts coming down I’m beyond excited. I run out and play in it and  take 1000 pictures of snow on my car, snow on the sidewalks…I always feel like it may be the last time it ever snows so I commit to enjoy it.

That eventually fades as my bike commute becomes a slip’n’slide nightmare where I have to figure out if the cold will kill me before the roads do, parking lots become home to large filthy mountains of greasy grey snow and even running to get groceries requires multiple layers just to be bearable. But for tonight, for the first snow of the season, I’m pretty happy.

It’s my tradition to watch either THE SHINING or THE THING on the first snow of the year. This year I went with the Thing despite having recently watched it was part of my 31 Days of Horror Films marathon. I’ve got AirBnB guests right now, so I’m watching it upstairs with Bails, cuddled up under the covers instead of the bigger TV downstairs. It’s still an adjustment having strangers in the house, but despite any little petty nitpicking I might have it’s still totally worth it.

After a hiatus, Erin and I were back with movie night tonight. I accidentally saw the movie we had picked for tonight’s movie night last night, so I saw it again to keep things consistent. Two days in a row seeing The Man with the Iron Fists. I liked it. It was a great little nod to Kung Fu flicks (which is a shame, cause it could have been a Kung Fu flick, not just a nod) and Russell Crowe chewed through the scenery like a lawnmower and for my money was the best thing about the film. The worst being Rza’s voiceover. Such is life. It was fun enough that I didn’t mind seeing it two days running.

Photo: Statue of General Meade, Washington DC


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