Sunday 11.04.12


Flirting is like a second language to me. Half of the time I don’t even realize I’m doing it. It’s harmless of course, all in good fun. Last night I was watching people flirting; trying to get laid and doing such a tremendously bad job at it- time and time again. You should have heard the things they were saying… several times I wanted to go over and ‘flirt coach’ them to make the process go a little more smoothly. Maybe you shouldn’t say ‘well, everyone thinks I’m kind of an asshole, but that’s their problem‘ when you’re trying to pick someone up? Or when you’re trying to get laid, it’s probably not the best time to bring up your parents, or politics, or oil company profits…. It’s sort of a big ‘ol pot of cockblock you’re cooking up. 

People take things far too seriously.

Otherwise last night was great. Really fun vibe with no headaches. I did some flirting of my own (again, totally harmless, but I had to flex my flirting muscles to show them how it’s done) and ended the night in a great mood. Even biking home in the 34* weather didn’t get me down. It’s an amazing domino effect when I’m in a good mood. The little petty annoyances don’t seem to get to me. I talk a lot about PMA and I know it probably sounds pretty cheesy, but it makes all the difference in how my days go. When I’m a little down, everything gets to me. Little things so quickly escalate into big things. It’s been a hard transition since I’m sort of a natural cynic, but every time it ‘works’ I get a little more likely to try to see the silver lining and it totally ends up being a much better day.

Well aren’t I just sunshine and kittens this morning? Jesus.

I think I’m going to brave the Riverview today and see a movie this afternoon. Erin and I will still have movie night this week, but I’m just really feeling seeing something in the theater today. The popcorn/Sprite, picking out my favorite seat (middle, middle. Obviously) and experiencing the movie with other people. That’s been the only nitpicking point with the Overground; usually I’m watching movies alone up there. Sometimes Joe stops by, but… I like when cinema is a shared experience. Even bad cinema. The seating isn’t great up there (big comfy couch for me + 2 and a few chairs) but we can work on that. Some of the movies I’ve shown so far look so much better on a big screen; if you click the Underground Cinema tab on the top right of this blog you can suggest films for me to watch. I tend to watch the same movies over and over, so if you have recommendations- let me have it!

My nephew has shown an interest in making his own little movies; and at his age he’s considerably ahead of the curve with editing. I’d always wanted to be the fun uncle who teaches him how to draw but he’s not really shown a lot of interest in drawing, so… I’m really going to encourage this love of making movies. For his birthday next week I’m giving him a little  digital movie camera so he can be a little more mobile with his films; up till now he’s been recording the video on his school macbook so there’s not a lot of flexibility with where he can film. Hopefully he’ll stick with it; storyboarding, screenplays (he’s done one already!) and editing and all of the bells and whistles. He’s a pretty imaginative kid, so…. this could be really fun. I think he has a Jedi robe… just sayin’.

Have I brought up the whole vasectomy situation here yet? I can’t remember. I’ve been considering (well, more than just considering. Actively looking into) getting a vasectomy and I’ve been stunned at the reaction. People who would never accept any ‘advice’ on their reproductive rights have been giving me a hard time with mine, telling me that I may change my mind about breeding some day. Very surprising. I figure at 38 I know what I want; it’s never wavered, there’s never been a well, maybe one of these days… I’ve always been 100% certain that I’ll never procreate. It’s not me. It’s not something I want, and whole I appreciate the you don’t know how much you’ll love it until you do it argument I can still say with absolute that being a parent is not for me. I guess I need a keep your opinions off of my body  tshirt.

(several hours later)

Wreck it Ralph was the winner for my Sunday movie. I was surprised that there was an animated short in front of the film called Paper Man; I guess Disney is taking a page from the Pixar playbook and starting features with a short. It was great. Sappy and sweet, a blend of traditional 2D animation and CG; really set the tone for how sweet Ralph was. There were a few fart and booger jokes of course; that’s become the standard for modern kids films, but on the whole it has a sweet ‘root for the underdog’ mentality that fit the source material really well. I usually don’t think 3D adds much to the theatrical experience but it worked this time. I’m sure it was a much better choice than ‘Man with the Iron Fists’ would have been; at least for a Sunday matinee.

I really needed a lazy day like today.

Big D.C. trip to see Peppermill tomorrow. More on that when I get back!

Photo: Gym Rat.


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