Saturday 11.03.12

Somehow sleep has become a large part of my blog lately.
Today’s update: I slept five hours last night and napped almost three today. If you’re fancy with the algebra you’ll know that I slept 8 hours total. That’s the most sleep in a 24hr period I’ve gotten in months. I’m celebrating being awake and aware by drinking an especially pungent Kombucha and nibbling on some Peanut Butter. You have to enjoy the little things I guess and the Mango Kombucha and Smooth Operator peanut butter are the perfect little things to get my work night started. It was a weird night last night at work; four floors open, a super douchey customer (I ejected someone for calling me ‘fatty’) and some major tech issues, but ultimately a great night for us so I’ll forgive all of the speedbumps and just be thankful for the drawers. Tonight is already shaping up to be a good one; great vibe on all of the floors (luckily just three tonight) and folks seem to be here to have a good time. That’s all you can ask for really.

Today has been really chill; that whole extra sleep thing makes me feel like I wasted it until I realize that I managed to bike in early, shoot some pickup stuff for that Occult Vibrations/Train Supreme fitness tips for tattooers video that Jay Pepito and I are working on, got a great workout in (light abs/core but heavier triceps) at 12th Street, took an extra long bike ride home, took a nap and then cooked an amazing low cal/high protein/fiber dinner  all before 7pm when my shift started. I really need to sit down one of these days and type up an entry on how much I love my job. For years I thought it was ok to hate your job; certainly made it super easy for me to hate not only my job but myself for not quitting and after just shy of a decade you start to think that’s how it’s always going to be.

But working at the bar… totally changes how I see employment. It’s not just about the paycheck. I get to (temporarily) be part of people’s lives and good times. The kids who came out to the dance party on the top floor last night (douchebag who I ejected not withstanding) just wanted a place that was fun where they could let loose, get drunk, dance, make out and then go home. Everyone was happy; even when we had the tech problems they were still dancing and laughing and having a blast. I personally don’t find much enjoyment in going out to bars, socially, but working at one is the right fit for me. Get all of that smiling and fun having and glad handing out and then go home and snuggle with Bailey. So yeah.. it’s totally ok to love what you do, love your job and have a good time doing it. I just wish I would have had the strength/balls to leave Amazon sooner and not have wasted so much of my life there. Hindsight and all. I guess I don’t regret my time there fully- I made some really good friends (granted, I haven’t really seen anyone but Rob and Dave in almost three years…) and picked up some useful skills- but all told I’d have rather left happy years before I left miserable. Such is life.

Photo: It’s almost duck prosciutto time!


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