Thursday 11.01.12

Another restful night of sleep.
The five hour stretches are becoming sixes and I’m already finding that functioning is much easier. I still don’t really know what is/was causing the insomnia, but I’m really digging on this whole being more rested thing. I spend a lot of time and effort making sure my body is healthy and the no sleep thing was really counterproductive to all of the diet and fitness changes I’ve been making. I can already feel a difference in my flexibility and my mental acumen. I told my therapist today that I’ve been sleeping more and she was really happy about the changes I’m making and how they’re affecting me. We had a really great session this morning. Going into it rested kind of changes the dynamic and allows me to be a little freer in talking to her. Today was mostly about my upcoming trip to the house I grew up in and how weird it’s going to be to spend time there. I’m strangely apprehensive about being there by myself. It’s still ‘Mom and Dad’s house’ to me, and being down there surrounded by my Mom’s things has the potential to be a little overwhelming, so we’re talking about it now to sort of emotionally psych me up for it.

I told her today that every time I decide I’m ready to phase therapy out, I end up having a really good session like today and remember why I’m doing this. Like I said above- making my body more fit is great, and making myself a little more emotionally fit goes hand in hand with it. Had you told me six months ago that I’d be spilling my emotional beans publicly on the internet I wouldn’t have believed it. So strange. Even when I started this blog I did it thinking no one would actually be reading it; it’s still strange to see people actively searching for it; not folks who’ve stumbled on it via facebook or something- people who’re searching “Shawn Porter Philadelphia Blog” and things like that. If I can break the fourth wall here… who are you? Shoot me an email or leave a comment. I’m curious. I’ve dipped my toes in so many subcultures it would be nice to see who’s coming and reading my totally inane posts about my  inescapably boring life.

Bike!  I finally made it to the bike shop to pick up brake pads for my bike. I hate the ones I bought, so I’m going to make a trip to Revolutions this week to get the ones I wanted originally. I was running errands and Performance was close, so I decided that something was better than nothing and picked up the store brand solid rubber ones instead of the pads that slide into the metal housing kind that I had originally. My pads were so worn down that the metal was about 1/16″ shy of rubbing the rim of my wheel. I can’t believe they were still working. The solid rubber ones feel gummy when I pinch my calipers…. Stops the bike for sure but leaves me feeling like it’s unstable. I’m sure it’s fine…but I’d rather swap these out for what I want and keep them as backups.

Not much else going on; hoping to make a D.C. trip Monday if everything works out. My friend Alissa invited me down to go see Henry Rollins. Sure, I don’t really like Rollins. But I love Alissa and want to go hang out with her in D.C., so it’s totally worth the trouble. I’m trying to arrange the dog sitter first, then the Megabus. (Update: Dog Sitter obtained. Bus tickets next) I’ll do my best not to sigh with contempt when Rollins goes on some self reverential tangent.

I like that things have been so great lately.

Photo: Erin skipped movie night, so I brought her with me in spirit. We hate change. 


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