Thursday 10.18.12

You know you had a good evening when it ends at 3:00am at a Downingtown WaWa with Alice Cooper’s Welcome to my Nightmare blasting over the PA system. It’s 4:33am now and I’m finally starting to get tired. Since therapy is today and that means getting up in three and a half hours…

… three and a half hours later on the nose. I woke up seconds before my alarm clock. I used to to that when I worked at the hell that was; wake up right before my alarm went off because I so dreaded the sound of it. You’d think that would be something to be happy about; some sort of internal self sufficiency that qualifies me for all of the perks of adulthood.  But no. It’s just an annoying trait that isn’t consistent enough to be relied on so it’s just an annoying quirk.

Well aren’t I Captain Grumpypants this morning?

Yesterday was a really fun day. I really have nothing to be grumpy about save being awake right now for therapy. Granted, I’d be awake right now anyway, even if today wasn’t getuncrazyday. I’d be sipping a (decaf.. which tastes weird) chai tea and watching today’s horror film with Bailey with no clock ticking away reminding me that my day doesn’t belong to me. On the same amount of sleep I’d feel rested instead of rushed. Instead I’m pushing as late as possible- biking time + walking time = ten more minutes here sitting on my butt typing and petting the lump of curled blankets next to me that contain my stinky little dog; a Bailey ravioli that’s waiting for his breakfast and quick walk.

Where was I again?

Oh. Right. Yesterday. I drove out to the suburbs for my date. She was really rad. I did the whole super punctual thing and showed up before she was ready. Not really charming of me, I think. I’m always so on time and I didn’t see the text asking me if I could get there at 8:00 not 7:30 until around 7:28. By which point I was already standing on her doorstep admiring her bedazzled (which is a word that Autocorrect knows? Weird) Jack O’ Lanterns and texting her that I was there.

She had said she was nervous about meeting, but on my side things went really smoothly. She was super easy to talk to; one of those folks who asks a lot of questions and seems genuinely interested in the answers, interjecting to add her own stories into the mix. I like that. Conversation is sexy. Even when we were just sitting on her floor playing with her adorable little floofball of a dog we were able to keep the conversation going without any gaps or pauses.

After realizing that she had only eaten combos and part of a crumbly cookie we decided to go grab dinner. Options were limited, but we managed to eat and continue the getting to know you portion of the first day with no worries. Found out that she does indeed know about this blog (“my friends are nosey”) so I’ll not mention how adorable she is, or that she’s a good kisser to protect her from any chiding from her friend (who’s name I forget) who’ll be reading this to her later on.

She’s adorable. And funny. And a really good kisser.

I couldn’t resist. Sorry.

We eventually said goodnight, leading to the whole Alice Cooper rockout at the WaWa. I had a really great time with her, so I’m hoping I didn’t blow it by saying something weird or just being too much of a giant man child . Cross your fingers for date #2.

Today was therapy today. After two weeks off I came into it fresh and it was a really good session. We talked a lot about boundaries and how I’m willing to let people cross them because I’d rather avoid the drama or confrontation; so one of my goals to work through is to more firmly tell people that their actions bother me instead of just withdrawing or pretending that I’m not mad/annoyed/offended just to make the interaction go more smoothly. Every time I think I’m going to be ending my therapy I have a really good session like today and it reminds me why I keep going.

My attempts to buy Carhart black overalls after the session, however ended with no success. When I was bigger, they never had anything in my size- everything was too small. Now that I’m smaller all I could find was 48w, 38w… I know that most folks that wear them tend to be bigger fellas, but lordie. 48? I think this will give me a reason to drive up to Cabelas and look there since I can’t seem to find anyplace else in Philadelphia that carries overalls, much less black ones. How can I look like a goth hillbilly if I don’t have access to black overalls? Blah.

31 Days of Horror Films 2012:

  1. House of 1000 Corpses.
  2. The Devil’s Rejects.
  3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
  4. Phantasm.
  5. Slither.
  6. The Innkeepers.
  7. The Strangers.
  8. Nightmare before Christmas/Coraline/Frankenweenie. (2012)
  9. Hellraiser/Nightbreed/Lord of Illusions.
  10. A Nightmare on Elm Street/A Nightmare on Elm Street 2.
  11. Cabin in the Woods.
  12. Halloween 4/5.
  13. No Movie- travel day.
  14. Trick R Treat.
  15. Sinister (2012)
  16. Walking Dead Season II. Yes. The entire season.
  17. Children of the Corn.
  18. Halloween II (Rob Zombie)

Photo: Pushead Astropirate Siamese Glow in the Dark. 


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