Monday 10.08.12

Finally home after a dang long work day.
No bike ride tonight. No gym. Just a 16 hour work day. My feet are killing me, despite having actually worn comfortable shoes tonight and my body is stiff even though I was taking breaks to stretch and staying hydrated.  But man did we have a heck of a time today! After almost a decade of working at under some of the least respectful management you could imagine it was nice to have a bar full of employees who were working with us to get through the day while having fun, making money, keeping our clientele happy and making the best of the horrible weather that got thrown our way.

I watched off duty employees jump behind the bar to give their tired co-workers a break without being asked to, friends of the bar skipping Outfest barhopping and general reveling to staff our coat check (horrible weather being unseasonable cold mixed with rain, making coat check necessary) and everyone just going above and beyond what we could have asked for because they ‘get’ how good we all have it and want the fun to continue.

Very satisfying as  GM to be able to rely on your folks to want to do a good job because they care, not because of threats or condescension. (aka the Amazon management program)

I feel myself drifting off…. not going to fight it. Good night everyone.

Photo: Pig Skull in the snow. 


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