Saturday 10.06.12

Autumn is all about change. Even if you don’t want things to change, sometimes that’s how it works out and you just have to make peace with how awesome the process was and be excited about what comes next. That’s where I am right now and I’m surprisingly ok with it. One of the most important things I’ve gotten from all of the lifestyle improvements  I’ve made in the last few months is the ability to accept change when it comes. I can’t believe it took me until my late 30s to ‘get it’, but now that I’ve got it , it’s a powerful ally.

Woke up this morning to my derpy dog in the Jack O’ Lantern shirt I bought him, had a leisurely walk to the Italian Market area to grab a brunch with Rachel and Azzizi (I hope I’m spelling that correctly- that little fella cornered the market on Zs in his name) at Sabrina’s. I usually avoid that place like the plague due to frustratingly long wait times for brunch, but it was fine today. This is the second time I’ve seen ‘Mom’ in a decade… and only three months in between visits. So strange how friends reemerge in your life and how good it is to see them and who they’ve become. She’s lovely, and her son is lovely and not to hammer the point… it was lovely to see them. We stayed a little past the comfort level of the waitress (hint- if you say ‘take your time’- mean it. If not we’ll take our time, dig?) and all used our napkins as bibs like a buncha goobers. Perfect brunch if you ask me. Here’s hoping that she makes it back to Ohio without getting her car run into… she’s had a bad string of luck it seems.

Now I’m doing the ‘calm before the storm’ thing at home. Chilling out with Bails in my dark bedroom dreading the chaos that will be the next two work days. I’ve mentioned it previously, but to reiterate tomorrow is OUTFEST in Philly’s ‘gayborhood’ and our bar is smack in the middle of it. It’s one of our busiest weekends of the year- Outfest is the only large GLBT event left in the neighborhood (Pride moved to Festival Pier, Equality Forum to the Piazza) so the streets surrounding the bar are mobbed. We’re running extra bartenders, door men, barbacks and all managers on deck. Add to that the Leather Bazaar that’s being hosted in our alley and tonight being both the ‘pre-outfest’ night (which would be busy on it’s own) and a huge theme party on our normally closed dance floor… and you’ve got the makings of an exhausted me.

But it’s going to be great for business, so we’re going to bust our asses to make sure that everyone has a great time.

Today’s 31 Days of Horror Films selection is:
Ti West’s The Innkeepers.
I was a huge fan of his ‘House of the Devil’ (which I’ll be watching big screen at the bar movie theater closer to Halloween) but the Innkeepers was a little lacking. The two principals were great, good chemistry, but in the end the film just didn’t do it for me. West also struck out with his part of V/H/S. Hopefully he’s not a one hit wonder. If he IS… at least his one hit was great.

  1. House of 1000 Corpses.
  2. The Devil’s Rejects.
  3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
  4. Phantasm.
  5. Slither
  6. The Innkeepers.

I think I’m going to try to take a nap before work.

Photo: Sixth Street Jack O’ Lantern. 


2 thoughts on “Saturday 10.06.12

  1. Shawn, Azzizi and I had a blast with you on Saturday. What you don’t know is that when we left town that evening, after I filed the police report from the hit skip earlier, that we narrowly avoided being victim to yet ANOTHER accident on 76. I heard screeching tires and out of the corner of my eye, witnessed the car in the lane next to me get rear ended. The driver swerved into my lane and had I not turned the wheel as quickly as I did, we would have been hit.

    The only thing you can predict about life is that it’s unpredictable. We can hope for one thing, and even take steps to actively encourage it, but no outcome is guaranteed. And change needs to be embraced. “Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”

    You’re one tough cookie, my son. Just keep embracing change and moving forward in the right direction.

    Reconnecting with you has been “lovely” and I’m grateful for your friendship.


  2. Gosh!
    I’m glad you made it home safe. Coincidentally enough my car got sideswiped again this morning on my block. It gets hit a lot. My neighbor saw the guy, chased him down and made him come back. The damage wasn’t really damage- just a scruff. The guy pulled out turtle wax and a shammy and buffed it back to health. Weird.

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