Friday 10.05.12

Another health and fitness post.
I try not to ring the bell too often; for a while there I was checking in every time I went to the gym as a way to motivate myself to keep it up. I was posting about lean protein, leafy greens and  vegetable  recipes I was cooking, exercise routines I was doing… and eventually I’d get annoyed by my own social network feed. As bad as the vegans that have to mention that they’re vegan every post (well, not quite that annoying) even when they’re posting about something as innocuous as buying dish soap or something. So I started scaling back on posting, but by no means scaling back on maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

So today you’ll just have to pardon me for a bit while I talk about geeky fitness stuff.

A few weeks ago  I posted and article by my friend David Bruehl on my Occult Vibrations blog detailing proper ‘tattoo nutrition’- how to eat before, during and after a tattoo to maximize your time by keeping your body running smoothly during your appointment. One of the fun things about OV is that there aren’t really any hard set rules. It was originally created as a blog for people interested in Occult and Esoteric tattoo imagery. It grew to include classic vhs to dv tattoo documentary footage- videos featuring Daniel Higgs, Fred Corbin, Zeke Owen and the always entertaining Royboy Cooper. Since I’m responsible for it’s content, it can pretty much morph to cover any tattoo related content I want it to, and with fitness being so important in my life right now it’s only natural that there’s a crossover.

Queue Jay Pepito. Jay is a trainer at the gym I go to- 12th Street Gym in Philadelphia- is in a band with my buddy Klint and is also heavily tattooed. He was generous enough to offer me some pointers to improve my workouts and more recently, to write an article for OV covering occupation specific exercise tips for tattooers.

We met up at the gym today to shoot a little footage to accompany the article he wrote. Hopefully it came out ok- I’m not really sure how the audio is going to play out but I’ll know more when I import it all into iMovie and start working on stitching it together. Regardless of the questionable fit content like this has for OV I’m really glad that people are digging it enough to want to contribute. Plus I think it’ll be great if we can get folks to be a little more healthy and fit.

I woke up super early this morning. I felt rested, but just couldn’t sleep past 9am. I decided to get in today’s 31 Days of Horror Films entry early in the form of James Gunn’s massively underrated Slither. Seriously underrated. Yeah, it bites pretty heavily from other films (most notably Night of the Creeps) but it’s so perfect that you easily get over it. Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion (who delivers an earnest “Now that’s some fucked up shit”) and practical effects make it a nice throwbacky horror film. Listen for Rob Zombie as the voice of the doctor talking to Elizabeth Banks.

Golly I love October.

Photo: Parker House Hotel, Chicago. 


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